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Advantages Of A Help Desk


If you have never outsourced your help desk service, you might not be aware of the Advantages of a Help Desk solution to provide the following services:

  • Emergency coverage during times of large-volume support requirements
  • Support for new application roll-outs
  • Coverage for vacations and other personnel fluctuations
  • Extra resources to cover unplanned support emergencies
  • Supplemental support for your internal help desk
  • Extra support during mergers, acquisitions and other organizational transitions


Now by keeping the above points in mind let’s see these in more details. Advantages of a Help Desk are numerous as it has the tools to help you control costs, increase sale’s opportunities and customer satisfaction, and:

  • Coordinates interactions across all channels in “real time”  
  • Provides single view of the customer across the enterprise from sale’s lead to purchase to help desk support  
  • In depth customer management to acquire and retain customers and increases customer satisfaction   
  • Business and sale’s opportunities and lead development to improves sales team efficiency  
  • Customizable Sales Pipeline to manage leads to sales at every step   
  • Groups customers by keywords for profiling, sales and marketing campaigns, training and more  
  • Supports multi-message campaigns via e-mail, mail etc.  
  • Allows unlimited contacts per customer   
  • Advantages of a Help Desk solution has full, definable three tier system – organizations, departments, contacts – tiers are customizable


Advantages of a Help Desk include many other services which integrates with other client server applications for powerful data analysis like:

  • SQL based   
  • Deploys rapidly   
  • Active Directory Integration  
  • PDA Integration  
  • Data export to Excel and HTML  
  • “Drag and drop” files and attachments   
  • Text indexed database  
  • Microsoft Word merge for form letters, automatic e-mail responses and more  
  • Links to Crystal report writer   
  • Supports multiple site replication  
  • Supports major e-mail systems  
  • Outlook integration

Last but not the least the biggest Advantages of a Help Desk are that it supports worldwide data replication. Business and technical staff have access to them from anywhere in the world to all program data on portable computers or hand-helds even when they are not connected to the main database. They enable the staff to work while at a customer site or when there are no connections available to the corporate WAN or WEB.

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