Bupers Access Helpdesk


Over the years, SPAWAR Systems Center, Norfolk Office has developed and distributed the Bupers Access Helpdesk in the form of BUPERS CD-ROM.   By distributing a quarterly CD-ROM consisting of so many BUPERS publications and instructions, the Bureau of Personnel continues to do their part in working towards the Navy’s goal to become a paperless Navy.   In addition to the current published CD-ROM, changes made to the Bupers Access Helpdesk publications between quarters are available at the BUPERS CD/WEB Connection.


The Bupers Access Helpdesk will provide you with the capability to access the latest version of BUPERS Instructions, Notices, Publications and MILPERSMAN Articles shortly after they become official!  The Bureau of Personnel takes pride in keeping the military personnel up to date.


Bupers Access Helpdesk Contacts:

  • For problems accessing BUPERS online or with UIC accounts (ITEMPO mailbox, command representative access, etc.), contact Bupers Access Helpdesk at [email protected] or phone Comm. (901) 874-4717/DSN 882.
  • NAVPERSCOM (PERS-312G) POC can be reached at Comm. (901) 874-4846/DSN 882 or E-Mail to “[email protected]”.


Bupers Access Helpdesk Action:  When a Personnel Support Detachment (PERSUPP DET) supports an activity, verification procedures in this instruction are the responsibility of the PERSUPP DET.  This does not relieve the unit’s commanding officer (CO) of the responsibility for ensuring that information on The Officer Distribution Control Report (ODCR) is correct.  The supporting PERSUPP DET will provide a copy of the ODCR to the command.  The CO will validate the ODCR upon receipt.  If data concerning an officer is incorrect on the ODCR, the officer’s individual record at NAVPERSCOM is also incorrect.  To avoid any personnel action being taken on the basis of erroneous information, all activities should complete verification of the ODCR and submit corrections as soon as possible after receipt of the ODCR.


Bupers Access Helpdesk ODCR Maintenance Procedures:  Keep the ODCR current by posting changes as they occur.  Maintaining an up-to-date ODCR is a valuable asset to personnel management and will substantially reduce the amount of time required for monthly verification.  Up-to-date ODCR provides a single document with which activity personnel managers can discuss manpower posture with detailing and placement authorities.


Bupers Access Helpdesk Personnel Administration: The procedures developed by Personnel and Administration Assistance Teams (PAAT) have proven to be valuable in day-to-day personnel administration and has resulted in a substantial decrease in the number of discrepancies noted in an activity’s accounts.  Personnel officers should review the following procedures for adaptation within their activity:


  • Make pen changes to the ODCR for each item pertaining to an individual that is changed as a result of the submission of a DMRS transaction, OCR document, or NSIPS event.  Line through the obsolete data and write the new data in the same columns(s).  In the right margin of the report, write the date-time-group (DTG) of the DMRS transaction or the SDS event control number (ECN).
  • Upon receipt of a new ODCR, transcribe pen changes from the old ODCR that have not yet applied to the new ODCR.
  • If changes submitted prior to the run date of the ODCR do not appear on the new ODCR, comply with the administrative and follow-up procedures specified in subparagraph 4a of this instruction and part 9, chapter 6 of reference (b).

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