Size of the Industry:

There are 69,500 call centers in the US, growing to approximately 78,000 in 2003.
Dr. Jon Anton, Benchmarking Study, 1998.

There are approximately 7,000,000 agents now working in 70,000 call centers in the US, with an annual growth rate of up to 20% in agent positions.
Davox, citing F.A.C./Equities, 1998.

Average agent compensation is now at $32,000 per year. The average cost to hire a new TSR is $6,500. The average cost for recruiting and training a call center representative is between $5,000 and $18,000.
Dr. Jon Anton, Benchmarking Study, 1998.
Datamonitor, 5/99

Frequently asked questions about the industry

 What is a Call Center?
A Call Center is the area of every company where customer and prospect:

  1. Telephone calls
  2. Web site requests
  3. Email messages

are received and/or answered.

2. What goes on in a Call Center environment?
Positions in a call center division range from jobs where a person can come to work and quietly do their job answering or processing customer requests … all the way to … positions where a person can interface with almost every division of the company. The Call Center Staff, in order to handle all questions posed to a company, needs to understand the purpose of every area of the company. This makes the Call Center area unique.

There is NO BETTER experience for a recent college graduate or someone looking for anew career than to work in a call center environment.

3. What skills can be acquired working in a call center environment?
The most beneficial skill people learn in a Call Center is the “how to work with people.” There are very few positions in business where a person gets the opportunity to interact with ALL levels of management. This includes watching first-hand how decisions are made, who makes them, what information is used to make the decision, etc.
The reason Call Center personnel are exposed to all types of situations is because it is the one place people know they can call to interact with any company. Therefore, most situations a company encounters are first discovered at the Call Center level.
Even as an entry level employee a person will be able to view problems as they arise, watch how they are analyzed for potential solutions and finally help implement or manage the solution in future telephone calls, emails or web site requests.
It is difficult to even think of other positions that would expose a person to this level ofsituational experience in the workplace.
4. Additional benefits of working in a call center:
     Internet and E-Commerce Experience.
     Management Experience.
     Training Programs for Customer Service and Communication Skills.
     Computer Skills Training.
5. What does this mean to you?
     Competitive Starting Salaries
     More opportunities for advancement if an organization
     The chance to learn more … faster!
     There are (and will continue to be) jobs available everywhere in the world.
WHY? …
Having never heard of the Call Center industry fifteen years ago, an individual told me there was incredible opportunity in this business. After thinking about WHY they were telling me this… when they had nothing to gain… it was clear, there must be opportunity in the call center business!


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