International Call Center Outsourcing

For companies investigating international outsourced call center operations for the first time, understanding inbound call center options outside of the United States can be a time-consuming and costly process. For one thing, international vendors who look great on paper or on the web often disappoint American companies who uphold high customer service standards. Ensuring the right match for your needs is critical from a cost, quality, systems, human resources, location (whether centralized or regionalized), administrative, and service level perspective. 

Once you have found the “right” vendor, the next step is to cover all of the contractual obligations necessary to ensure a mutually rewarding relationship. Any ambivalence in this area most often leads to rapid deterioration of what started out as a promising step into your support strategy for global markets.

There are at least one hundred elements that should be considered for inclusion in any Request For Information (RFI) to an international outsourcing vendor. These elements should be weighted based on the particular needs of the company (e.g., native vs. learned speakers, multi-channel vs. telephone support only, CRM vs. home-grown systems, real time reporting vs. periodic reports, on-site presence vs. remote monitoring, regional vs. centralized, dedicated vs. shared, and so on). 


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