Typical Call Centers services:


• Overflow / Out-of-Hours
A service that supplements your own Call and Contact Centre facilities, offering extended opening hours and increased call capacity that is cost effective for you.
  • Brochure lines
A response service for material such as brochures, information packs or application forms. This service can be provided by live agents or our automatic Speech Recognition solution.
  • Credit Card order lines
Live customer service representatives (CSR’s) taking telephone orders for direct sales ranging from one-product one-price to multi-product multi-price offers, including handling the credit card transactions.
  • Helplines
CSR’s, aided by comprehensive product training and access to knowledge databases, will answer queries and provide help within a customer support environment.
  • Product Recall
A service that can be set up within 24 hours in an emergency, offering live support to customers with defective product, responding to national media campaigns. Replacement product can be sent to customers in conjunction with our fulfilment service.
  • Nearest Dealer
Callers are given information and directed to their nearest branch or local stockist through an “as the crow flies” postcode recognition system. Calls can be handled live by our agents, or using our automated Speech Recognition service.



  • Outbound telemarketing
Incorporating campaigns such as telemarketing, telesales, market research and database cleansing as well as follow up calls generated by inbound work. Scripts are written in close collaboration with clients to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Appointment setting
Experienced teams can canvass potential customers to arrange appointments on behalf of your sales representatives.
  • Follow up calling
Following direct advertising or marketing campaigns, every respondent can be contacted with a remit to convert them to a customer.
  • Reactivating existing/dormant clients
Telephone, letter and email campaigns to update and reactivate existing or dormant clients on your database.

Other Services:

  • Email response
Emails from customers, which may be generated from literature, advertising campaigns or websites, are answered promptly and accurately on your behalf.
  • Speech Recognition
Using the latest technology, Speech Recognition solution captures caller details, which are then automatically converted to data, ready for processing and fulfilment. No live agent intervention is required, so call handling costs are dramatically reduced. This service can be typically used for services such as Brochure Lines and Nearest Dealer.
  • Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR)
Primarily an automated backup facility to capture caller details, which are then transcribed to the client database for actioning. This service can also be utilised for competition and information lines.
  • Fulfilment services
A range of services including personalised mailings, the handling of high volume literature mailouts, sending of replacement product recall items and the provision of redemption facilities for coupons, competition forms etc.
  • Call Centre Hotel
A new concept where you can take fully featured Call and Contact Centre space as you need, on a short or long-term basis. We provide a highly flexible and cost effective service, with a level management to suit your requirements. All this with no capital outlay to you.
  • Non-geographic numbers
A range of freephone, local rate, national rate and premium rate numbers are available. Reporting is also available, offering live call statistics and important marketing data.


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