Common Calls into An IT Help Desk


The IT Help Desk is a single point of contact for all of your technology-related problems or questions. Common Calls into An IT Help Desk contains technology related problems and problem solving. Common Calls into An IT Help Desk serves as a centralized reporting and referral system designed to dispense information, solve most minor problems immediately, and refer more complex problems to the appropriate support personnel as quickly as possible.


Let’s see when a Common Calls into An IT Help Desk is placed, it is logged into a special computer program for problem tracking and assigned a number. The Help Desk technician will be able to solve most problems and answer most questions immediately, and the call record can then be closed. If this is not the case, the problem will be escalated to the next level of support. This means that the Help Desk technician will pass the Common Calls into An IT Help Desk on to someone on their support team who has additional expertise in the area of your problem.


During Support Levels for Common Calls Into An IT Help Desk, you may encounter references to a support level when you are notified of the status of a particular problem or question. The Customer Support Center divides support into three levels as follows:


  • Level-1 consists of in-house Help Desk technicians who can give users an immediate response. 
  • Level-2 means that the call has been passed up from the Help Desk to CSC technicians. Response time will vary depending upon the extent of the problem. 
  • Level-3 comes into play when sources outside of the CSC must be consulted such as other Utility technicians or outside vendors. Response time is no longer under our control at this point in the process. 


Many users may wonder why they should have their CSL call the Common Calls Into An IT Help Desk when they know a particular level-2 support person that can usually solve their problems. Here are several good reasons:


Immediate response is what you want in Common Calls Into An IT Help Desk. The Help Desk will usually be your fastest route to a solution. We can generally answer your question or correct your problem right away. If not, we know who will be available soonest to help you. If you call programmer X, who is already working on several urgent problems, you may end up on a waiting list, while someone else could have helped you right away.


The call is logged during Common Calls Into An IT Help Desk. Your problem will be recorded and assigned a number for reference. The call can’t get lost, or fall through the cracks, because it has a definite identity. Call logging also helps to point out repetitive problems or similar problems that are being experienced by several different users. It also allows the Help Desk to route all calls relating to a particular issue to the same person every time. This ensures continuity in the solution process. It is not very efficient to have several support people unknowingly working on the same problem at the same time.


Call status is tracked during Common Calls Into An IT Help Desk. Call reporting is done on a daily basis. All unresolved problems are reviewed daily and weekly. If your call record continues to remain open past a certain period of time, it will be noted in review and may be assigned additional personnel.


It doesn’t mean that it is done recently only. The early 60’s saw Swedish inventor Karl Dahlman take inspiration from the British hovercraft for the creation of the flying mower – FLYMO for short. In 1969 Flymo became part of the Electrolux group, and today with over 50% of the UK market, it is Europe’s largest manufacturer of powered lawnmowers. Cutting calls HelpDesk from Touchpaper has reduced the number of Common Calls into An IT Help Desk and the IT department receives to around 500 per week. According to Doug, “The group acts as a shield to the IT department. The software has helped us reduce the number of incoming calls and the number of follow-up calls has dropped dramatically. Users are happier because their problems are being resolved more quickly.” “We have a target of cutting the number of calls into the IT department by 60%. We are hitting closer to 90%.” Flymo make effective use of the Hot Topics feature, which allows common calls to be pre-configured and logged with a single mouse click. “This allows us to log with a single click, all the calls we don’t transfer,” Doug continues”and we use other Hot Topics with some built in shortcuts to enable us to cut down call times.” So this is what a Common Calls into An IT Help Desk includes and how these are tackled efficiently and effectively by these trained people.

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