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The IT Help Desk is a single point of contact for all of your technology-related problems or questions. Common Calls into an IT help desk contains technology related problems and problem solving. Common Calls into an IT Help Desk serves as a centralized reporting and referral system designed to dispense information, solve most minor problems immediately, and refer more complex problems to the appropriate support personnel as quickly as possible. But don’t take it too boring, as the technicians behind these helpdesks are also human being and sometime a simple call ended up in a Computer Helpdesk Stories—funny and serious both.


First Computer Helpdesk Stories:

ME: Hello, can I help you?

Caller: Yes, the server must be restarted, how do I do this?

Me: Type “Down” then “Exit”

Caller: OK, D-O-W-N

Me: Now Press “Enter”

Caller: I don’t have that

Me: Have what?

Caller: A precenter.


Caller: I said I DON’T HAVE THAT!

Me: No!!! Press the “ENTER” key

Caller: Oh, I have that.


One more Computer Helpdesk Stories:

I was working customer service at a computer store and a customer came in one day complaining that his brand new laptop was broken. He was very angry that a laptop that he bought two days earlier was already broken and he was demanding that he get a new one and be refunded a certain percentage of the price of the computer for his troubles. Before going any further I asked if I could see the laptop to see if it was a simple problem. He put the box on the counter (which looked like it had been trampled) I opened up the box and the laptop was in pieces! The screen had been hit with something and had a big hole in the center and had been ripped completely off. The keyboard was smashed in and it looked it had been thrown against the wall. I asked what happened to the laptop and his response was this:


HIM: “I got frustrated with it”

ME: “What was the problem!?”

HIM: (the mouse was one of those nubs instead

of the touchpad) “I couldn’t control the mouse”

ME: “I can’t return this”


ME: “Because you destroyed it.”

HIM: “It was broken before I hit it with the gold club. So sense it was broken you should return it.” Needless to say we didn’t return or fix it.

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