When the time limit for resolving an incident has passed, the incident escalates into a problem and a different level of support (Problem Management) comes into force and this:

–          Edits the problem if necessary

–          Determines the impact on the service delivery and with that, the priority. The Service Desk informs clients about the progress.



An incident is deposited at the second line support because no specialist knowledge for the solution is available at the Service Desk



An incident is every operational event that is not part of the standard operation of an IT service. An incident influences the service delivery, although it can be small and in some cases even transparent (not noticeable) for the user.



A problem is the as yet unknown cause of the occurrence of one or more incidents.


Known error:

This is the situation where a successful diagnosis of a problem has shown what the cause is and which CI reveals a problem. A possible solution may also be available as to how the problem can be avoided.


Expert or Super user:

Some organisations may use “expert” users to solve some first line support queries, depending on the structure of the organisation. This can solve some short term manning shortfalls.



Each time the user contacts the service desk.


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