Help And Desk And Software


Help And Desk And Software is best described as a software system designed to accept a request from an end user, and process it in the form of a numbered ticket to be handled by an appropriate staff member – i.e., to render “help”. The solution presented for the request is then saved as part of database, which can be searched or edited. The database created by the free Help And Desk And Software over time creates an endless pool of knowledge from which to find answers to duplicate or similar requests in the future.


Help And Desk And Software can be set up to be used internally, where support staff can track inter-office queries, or externally, where the system can be set up to render assistance to outside parties such as website customers. AIM offers Help And Desk And Software systems specifically tailored for both uses.


Help And Desk And Software solutions offer enterprise level businesses a full complement of support options, allowing them to meet the growing service needs of internal end users and external customers alike. Such solutions deliver the ability to create, track, monitor, report on and close trouble tickets dealing with a wide range of customer or technical service issues.


 Help And Desk And Software solutions have long been widely deployed in the Fortune 500, but are now increasingly finding their way into midmarket enterprises. These smaller companies now see the value proposition of being able to handle customer or end-user service requests online, from a personal computer. AIM markets a full suite of helpdesk software solutions that meets the demands of both Fortune 500 companies as well as departments within those companies and midmarket firms.


A Help And Desk And Software package enables a company’s technical support staff access to a knowledgebase for troubleshooting and managing customer queries and problems. Help And Desk And Software has become a mandatory tool for companies that sell products. By optimizing support staff, a customer can resolve their issue faster, resulting in happier clientele and increased business sales. Web based help desk support software, like the HelpDesk Expert systems offered by AIM, allow support staff and customer access through an internet or company intranet connection. Benefits include 24 hour technical support capabilities and unlimited expansion potential.

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