A Helpdesk is a generic name typically associated with the end user support center. Increasingly, the Helpdesk is being seen as an integral part of the service function, responsible for bringing multiple resources to bear to solve issues to the client’s satisfaction.


Often the term Helpdesk is used for internal support within the company, and others use this term for both internal and external support groups


Many companies are turning to Helpdesk software to automate a variety of tasks and, at the same time, reduce costs by cutting staff and providing more user support with existing staff. The advantages of automated Helpdesk packages are critical in that they allow fewer people to deal with higher volume

Users want Helpdesk packages that can be integrated with existing electronic mail systems and network management programs. The Helpdeskprograms now available are only operable on a few operating systems but the number of platforms is expected to expand. Many Helpdesksoftware publishers are incorporating expert system

Helpdesk and call centers typically handled only inbound and outbound phone enquiries. Over the past few years, with the explosion of Internet usage, and an increasingly sophisticated customer base, Helpdesk have had to morph into handling increasingly electronic methods of support.

The Helpdesk is increasing in importance as companies move to client/server architectures. Users who interface with the Helpdesk often form a general perception of the Information system group. Information systems help desks have an important role within an organization. Although working the Helpdesk can be a stressful experience, an organization nevertheless can succeed in putting together an effective and responsive unit within the group.

The Internet has made all these somewhat parallel efforts combine, and with some tweaking and re-training, today’s Helpdesk is superbly equipped to handle complex, business driven customer interactions, that result in true customer loyalty.

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