Helpdesk Best Practice


There are many consultancy companies which can help in Helpdesk Best Practice.


Deliverables for Helpdesk Best Practice consultancy: A report into current Helpdesk activities, detailing how they could be changed to achieve Helpdesk best practice. Issues considered include staff levels, staff deployment, outline workflow analysis, organizational structure analysis, customer relations, reporting methods, Helpdesk productivity, and Helpdesk cost/benefit analysis.


Your company will benefit from lessons learned by other Helpdesks in terms of what works and what does not in similar organizations.


Typical client: Existing support service wishing to move to a higher level of sophistication in terms of structure and methods.


Typical duration of a Consultancy involvement: Three weeks for Helpdesk Best Practice.


Other Services to Consider: Other than Helpdesk Best Practice–this service requires an implementation phase following the delivery of the report.


The best way forward in Helpdesk best practice is applying the Help Desk Toolkit material and do this yourself.

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