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Help Desk Form can be use for software and hardware problems. Help Desk Form can also be used to make suggestions for enhancements. You can submit a question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the help of Help Desk Form. Help Desk Form also use few hints and tips that will help make your computing experience more enjoyable. The information you enter into the Help Desk Form will be sent to the Help Desk via an email message. Help Desk Form contains the information they need to help you solve the problem.


For example, Help Desk Form in the university helpdesk provides the campus with a single point of contact for a variety of technical issues. Information is then distributed to the correct area or employee in the department to resolve the problem. A Helpdesk request can be submit by phone, online or by Email.


Help Desk Form in the student or university related helpdesk generally contain following fields: Last Name, First Name, Prefix:   Mr. Ms. Mrs. Dr. Rev., Department, Day Phone, I am requesting as a: Student, Faculty, Staff, location and more which is considered to be of strategic use. In the business related Help Desk Form, generally First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone, Email, Prefer to be contacted by:  Phone or Email, Product you are using, Description of problem etc.


Let’s see some technical points in Help Desk Form: Traditionally, Set Fields and Push Fields actions in filters and escalations cannot access Help Desk Form on other servers directly.  Now, with the new web services functionality introduced in many systems, there is a way to access Help Desk Form on other servers.  The Set Fields action in filters and escalations can invoke web services published on other servers to accomplish Set Fields and Push Fields functionality, accessing other servers easily.  A good Help Desk Form system makes it easy to use web services with few mouse clicks and no prior knowledge of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), the technology behind web services, required.


It is important to note that the server to get values from or send values to must support web services and make the required web services available. Mid-Tier is required to access the web services created in the server.  To call web services from filters or escalations, web services Plug-In must be installed on the server.  One server must publish web services through a Mid-Tier and the other server can call those published web services from filters and escalations.


Even though the Set Fields action in the Help Desk Form only allows invoking external web services, both Set Fields and Push Fields functionality can be accomplished through web services.

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