One of the biggest challenges faced by IT organizations today is providing a high quality Help Desk that has a reputation for speedy resolution times, staff with a 

The goal of the Service desk is to be the central point of contact between users and the IT organisation.


The Service Desk offers first line support to clients, if they are not sure how to behave in a specific business situation when using IT services, and they need assistance within the time agreed with their client.


As well, the Service Desk is the central point of contact where incidents or inaccuracies in IT systems can be reported. The Service Desk is the face of the IT department to the clients. Furthermore, the Service Desk is an important source of management information. 


Traditionally there have been contacts between IT staff and customers. The introduction of an unfamiliar third party (physical Service Desk) to solve problems can meet resistance. Just think of the apparent delay one expects, because an extra link in the chain has been created. On the other hand, however, there are many advantages. A well functioning Service Desk focuses on the following activities:


–          The link between clients and the IT organisation


–          The support of “business operations”


–          Source of information to management

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