The evolution of IT computer services from batch operation only into complicated Tele-Processing networks has enlarged the job of the IT staff. Simple tasks have become complex functions. The Service Desk is an excellent example of this. Since the early beginnings of IT, clients have approached Computer Services with questions or complaints about print output. The more complex the IT services have become, the bigger the increase in the number of problems of users/clients. In the early days of IT systems exclusively operated in batch mode and simple problems occurred, such as lost print output and problems with batch jobs.


Work preparation, production management or even operations mostly dealt with these kinds of questions. Output was usually meant for one person at every user department and therefore questions only came from one party. However, operations and other departments can no longer handle the number of questions, as the size and complexity increase. The Service Desk is now an essential part of Computer Services and its importance grows as IT penetrates business. A distinction should be made between the physical Service Desk, where Service Desk staff are present in order to function as first point of contact for support, and the Service Desk process, whereby one or more IT staff (as well as the Service Desk staff themselves) are responsible for achieving the objective of the process.

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