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Are you looking for Help Desk Jobs In Rochester NY? Or looking for some nice IT Tech Support jobs in Rochester NY in any of the following positions:  QA, SQA, Software Testing, PC Help Desk or Call Center, then this page is for you. Please note that this information (given on the subsequent pages) should be treated as general information and it doesn’t mean that these vacancies still exist, but were at the time of writing this article. We bear no responsibility, whatsoever in this regard.


Professional Objective for Help Desk Jobs In Rochester NY: Software Testing/QA/Help Desk/Call Center positions.


Software and Hardware Skills for Help Desk Jobs In Rochester NY:

  • System setup and configuration to implement test plans. Exposure to writing test plans.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, NT, Appletalk, DOS.
  • Basic use, navigating of Unix. Code Familiarity: HTML, BASIC.
  • Familiar with hardware, software, network related installs.
  • Software Packages: MS Office, Excel, Lotus Notes, Word Perfect.
  • Exposure: MS Power Point, Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe PageMaker.

Summary of Experience for Help Desk Jobs In Rochester NY:

  • Three years of Software Testing/Verification/Integration experience.
  • Seven years of Information Technology related experience.
  • Thirteen years of practical military and business environment work experience.

Individual Skills for Help Desk Jobs In Rochester NY:

  • Teamwork oriented from military and civilian employment.
  • Highly trainable individual with an eye for details and a desire for perfection.


EASTMAN KODAK CORPORATION (PDS) ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Software/Systems Test Technician December 2000 – June 2002. Help Desk Jobs In Rochester NY, responsible for the software test/QA/Verification of a high-end film/digital printing and scanning system. * Documented daily productivity and reliability results. * Wrote problem reports via Excel spreadsheets. * Distributed new system errors to the Engineering/Development team via the local intranet error tracking system. * Developed ability to understand and test complex imaging system in three months.


XEROX CORPORATION ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Software/Systems Test Engineer and Help Desk Jobs In Rochester NY. July 2000 – December 2000. Responsible for testing of software releases for Xerox midrange copier lines including web downloads, copier uploads, copier configuration, and test set-up. * Conducted basic PC/network/copier troubleshooting as needed per test. * Debugged test failures with Developers and System Engineers.


XEROX CORPORATION ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Network Lab Test Technician. Jan 1998 – Aug 1998 Help Desk Jobs In Rochester NY, assisted engineers in the testing of digital image processing print servers (DFE’s) connected to the LAN via Novell, NT and Macintosh network operating systems. * Tested protocols (TCP/IP, IPX, AppleTalk, SMB), utilities, and functionality of the print servers under varied stress loads over the network.


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