Helpdesk SLA


Helpdesk SLA (service level agreement) is loaded with many optional features. Actually Helpdesk SLA helps in decision making by helpdesk staff which is governed by service level agreements designed to best accommodate the needs and responsibilities of all constituencies/departments of the client. These features and services can easily be turned on and off from within your system. If you are seeking help from helpdesk as per Helpdesk SLA, then it is always better to check out the SLA list to see how these features will help your organization become more efficient.


Let’s take help of one real life example. The volume of calls Computing Services staff receives and the degree of urgency for assistance varies from day to day.  As per Helpdesk SLA on average the Computing Services Helpdesk handles over 80 requests per day during the school year. In general, Helpdesk SLA uses the following criteria to assure that the most serious needs are handled promptly and that other requests receive timely and professional attention:


Urgent:  Emergency situations where no work can be accomplished

Serious:  Needs that require prompt, but not immediate, attention.

Best Effort: Non-crisis, general needs and non-supported requests.

Installation:  All hardware and software installation, regardless of urgency. 


The User’s Responsibilities as per Helpdesk SLA:


  • Report all computer problems promptly to the HelpDesk (615-3000).
  • Be available to identify the problem to the CS representative and work with her/him.
  • Contact the HelpDesk before making any changes to your system hardware or software.
  • Keep yourself informed of all planned network, hardware, and software changes.
  • Take responsibility for educating yourself on a continuing basis about basic computer-related skills. CS and ITCS (the Information Technology Central Services division of the University) provide ample opportunities for all individuals to become and remain appropriately trained.
  • Maintain an updated version of virus protection software on your system by following the CS guidelines.
  • Communicate any computing concerns to IRC members.


When a problem arises, faculty and staff should call the HelpDesk (615-3000) to report a problem Helpdesk SLA. The HelpDesk will attempt to solve via the telephone a majority of problems—not including special circumstances such as classroom outages and teaching-related problems. For severe and/or unusual problems CS will assign a service representative who will be responsible for administering the service and for keeping the user informed about progress on a daily basis. During Helpdesk SLA you can review the status of your call after you have signed in to iMpact.