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Help Desk Statistics play a very important role in success of any helpdesk company. A critical analysis of these Help Desk Statistics is required to make some strategic actions or strategies. So what constitute these Help Desk Statistics? Anything which is of some use to your client and your company! Like total recorded number of walk-in, phone, and email requests for help (referred to as cases) that were handled by the Help Desk over the past six months or one year, percentage of cases that consultants answered by using the Help Desk knowledge base, breakdown of the most common problems for which customers request help from consultants etc.


The trend graph in Help Desk Statistics shows the number of cases for each problem type opened over the last six months or one year. The frequency of the problem type is proportional to the width of the color band. For example, the blue band represents Password cases. The blue band was the widest band during the month of November, which means that customers requested more help with password issues than any other kind of problem.


If you have listed answered calls then these answered calls in Help Desk Statistics are calls which are answered by a consultant. If a customer hangs up before speaking to a consultant, that call is logged as abandoned. When a customer calls after any designated Help Desk is closed, the call is logged as answered by the Night Service voice message. The voice message directs the caller to leave a message or visit the designated Help Desk homepage for common answers to common questions.


Help Desk Statistics not only constitute the current or past events but also Help Desk goals for the next year, some items may be like:


  • Reduce number of work orders by aggressively training users.
  • Reduce backlog by increasing the number of completed work orders.
  • After bringing backlog under control; assign help desk staff projects designed to reduce work orders, make processes more efficient and save money.
  • Develop procedures that will allow help desk staff to close a majority of calls over the phone instead of visiting workstations.

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