Every organisation uses tools to support the IT organisations in delivering the services and performing the processes. The type of tool you need, is fully dependent on what you want to get out of it.


For small organisations, the tool can be an Excel Spreadsheet. This can be more than sufficient. For larger organisations, you will probably be looking at other commercial tools.


Try to design your processes before you start looking for a tool. This gives you the opportunity to really do a thorough Functional and technical specification before talking to the vendors.

A lot of research can be done using the Internet. Many (tool) vendors have a list of appropriate tools listed with the specifications.


There are many tools on the market, and they are all slightly different from each other. The following list gives an example of some of the tools that organisations use:


Service Desk Tools / Support Tools

–          Heat

–          Infra

–          Peregrine ServiceCentre

–          CA Advanced Help Desk


System Management tools

–          HP Openview

–          Qualiparc

–          CA Unicentre


When you have decided on a tool, you really need to have a close look at the cost. Most of the expenses are in getting the tool to work for you…


The following are some examples of the implementation cost of any tool:

–          Initial Purchase Price

–          Additional Licenses

–          Maintenance contract

–          Warranty

–          Training of staff in using the tool

–          Implementation expenses (consultancy hours)

–          Fine-tuning the tool to your needs (consultancy and engineering hours)

–          Updating the internal processes to fit the tool (consultancy and internal staff hours)

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