Hospital Help Desk


Customer and user service is a very important part of Hospital Help Desk business. Managing this service and the various service levels required by the customer can be a significant drain on your time and resources. Today there is a solution that is flexible enough to meet your operating requirements, and easy-to-use allowing you to get on with the job of assisting customers and tracking all of their calls to your response centre.


Hospital Help Desk represents a very complex business problem. They have many different businesses within a single organization. Compare the different management problems of the Hotel and Catering aspects of the wards, the managing of the Medical Staff when many of the requirements can be driven by emergencies, the facilities management of the acute hospital with the need for immediate repair for some faults against the Community Hospital. No doubt Hospital Help Desk has many roles to play at the same time. Moreover apart from general work this is something which is related to life and health of human being in some way or other.


The use of a general Hospital Help Desk to handle all the outside calls into a hospital is gaining ground. The use of a computer controlled intercept of calls with computer generated voice instructing the caller to press buttons on their handsets to reach the service, department or person they need may be acceptable in industry but for the type of person calling a hospital a friendly human voice is essential. The manned help desk, however, does need IT support to enable the calls to be handled efficiently and promptly in Hospital Help Desk.


In Hospital Help Desk the information required should be presented rapidly to the operator on the screen of the computer or the hand-on to another person more able to handle the call should go with the information already collected e.g. name and address to save both the caller aggravation and the help desk operator time.


With the wide range of enquiry handled and the range of services that may need to be supported the design of the Hospital Help Desk must be modular and flexible to allow new for changes and new services to be accommodated and for information to be interchanged between existing or newly introduced systems: whether manual or IT based.


The Hospital Help Desk being discussed to meet the requirements of a typical trust is designed with the above needs in mind. It is a modular system written in VisualBasic/MSAccess and capable of being expanded in facilities and size up to a full client-server system. It is fully Windows9X and NT compatible and is compliant with the Year 2000 date change requirement.


The Hospital Help Desk is written in a number of modules to allow easy extension and requirement change and easy development of the system as business and IT needs change.

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