Internet Helpdesk


The concept of the Internet Helpdesk is to provide a proper online framework for the supply of support services to clients. Internet Helpdesk can exist within an organization to provide IT or other technical support to the business’ employees or to provide support to the business’ customers. Alternatively, a business may contract-out the provision of Internet Helpdesk services to a third-party.


Key features of Internet Helpdesk:

  • Completely web-based
  • E-mail notifications
  • Can utilize Windows authentication, so you don’t need to manage another database of users
  • Allows for better communication between users and support reps: users can view progress on problems and submit additional information
  • Built-in reporting to keep track of support reps, which departments are making requests, and what types of problems are being reported
  • Easily customizable to fit your needs


The framework in which Internet Helpdesk operates differs from previous ‘models’ of support services in the following ways:


  • Well-advertised and recognized point-of-access for clients (telephone number, e-mail contact, website)
  • Documented mission statements, call management procedures, customer service standards and quality assurance
  • Professional support personnel trained in the range of competencies required
  • Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to implement and manage support calls


The Internet Helpdesk is the ticketing system used by Office of Information Technology (OIT) staff to monitor progress on customer cases. With this system, it is possible for multiple staff members to work on one case at different times, and keep each other updated.


Each ticket gets a case number. This is an 8-digit number, and can be used to search for any cases on the Internet Helpdesk ticketing system. If a customer has an issue, and has a ticket set up, they will then receive an E-mail with the case number, and case information. The customer will also receive an E-mail every time the case gets updated, and finally, an E-mail when the case is closed.


The Help Desk Online (HDO) system is an Internet Helpdesk interface.  It allows you to directly submit requests for technical support, via your internet browser, to the Technology Help Desk.  The progress of a request submitted through the Internet Helpdesk will be automatically e-mailed to you, as it is updated by the Help Desk.   You may also view the progress, review the case information, and add additional comments as the support work continues, via Internet Helpdesk.

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