IT Service Desk: What do you do to welcome and orient new hires into your department or team?

IT service desks focuses more on IT services and handles a broad range of IT-related tasks.


Your customer service automation processes should be appreciated by your customers, useful to your team, and beneficial to your bottom line. Help desk software is used to manage IT issues experienced and reported by employees. A service desk does what a help desk does but also maintains contracts and software licenses and interfaces with many other IT service management processes like problem management.


A service desk is responsible for constant monitoring of services and providing support in case of downtime. Regardless of what type of help is being provided, the goal of a service desk is to deliver high-quality service to customers in a timely manner. An IT service management (ITSM) solution that understands what it takes to successfully manage your employee services.


An effective IT service desk can do so much more than fix your email when it goes down. Tracking and responding to help desk calls is faster and more efficient when using well designed help desk software. Here is a quick list of IT service desk best practices that will help you be prepared, provide great service, and ensure end-user satisfaction.


A service blueprint is a great tool when you are working with a complex service where many internal processes must be mapped or modified during the design process. COBIT identifies process steps covering the service desk, registration of customer queries, incident escalation and closure, and reporting and trend analysis. It is an area where you can interact and solve your customers’ problems regarding your products and services.


Implementing help desk software and live chat software is one of the easiest changes you can make to quickly improve customer service and loyalty. You can efficiently collect the information you need to improve communication and service, and deliver outstanding performance and customer satisfaction. Cloud-based support solutions allow you to consolidate help desk resources, increasing the efficiency of your team and allowing you to do more for your users with less.


I believe the same can be true for how offices can introduce policies in their offices regarding printing protocols. Web-based self-service is an excellent way of moving towards standardized processes. It is a summation of how the project team will carry out the remainder of the risk management activities for the project. Constant tracking and monitoring of the performance of your help desk is an absolute requirement for success and reaching higher levels of customer service.


Help desk supervisors can best support their team by ensuring that all help desk agents are properly trained and up to date on all support desk procedures, processes and systems. The service desk is the human face of IT and is a key component in ongoing service delivery and service improvement activity. Choosing the right help desk software can make the difference between a satisfied customer and one who is frustrated and confused.

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