IT Service Desk: Which incidents should be logged by the service desk?

Therefore, accurate and detailed analysis is required. As well as solid IT technical skills, without the availability of a service desk, users will have to contact support staff without prioritization. Of course, your service desk improvement journey highlighted a number of common IT support issues that need either a new way of doing things or a more consistent approach to be taken across the support teams.

Manual Desk

Decide when an incident should be escalated and which group or team it should be escalated to if the service desk cannot resolve it within the required time frame, troubleshooting involves working within an incident management process and completing tasks within predefined steps. And also, if you provide access to good web-based self-service, and encourage your customers to make use of it, you reduce the need for service desk agents to make manual decisions, and you can also help with management of contract variations via automation.

Closed Customer

IT Service Desk owns the incident and request throughout its lifecycle, ensuring that the customer is happy with the outcome and that service levels are met, in order to ensure that your requests for assistance are handled in a timely manner, service level agreements have been configured in the help desk software. In the meantime, to maintain quality and ensure a smooth process, only service desk employees are allowed to close incidents, and the incident owner should check with the person who reported the incident to confirm that the resolution is satisfactory and the incident can, in fact, be closed.

Possible Requests

Users can log incidents, search knowledge artifacts, order services, collaborate with other users and IT people to solve issues, and more, the help desk has also traditionally focussed on reactive support, receiving requests for help, filtering requests and allocating technical resources to resolving problems arising out of the requests, especially,  role is to identify and repair incidents to restore the defined service levels as quickly as possible.

Single Incident

Powerful new it service desk software that helps you streamline and automate your entire service management environment, incidents or problems that cannot be solved by the service desk are escalated further as stipulated by the incident management process, also, according to itil solution methodology, the service desk is an element of the overall service management structure that serves as a single point of contact between employees and it technicians.

Small User

But, your service desk is one of your most direct, and usually honest, interaction points with your customer or user, correspondingly, having too big of a help desk team drives up costs, while too small a team will decrease efficiency and profitability.

Closed Issues

Conducts initial troubleshooting on a wide range of potential technology-related issues, missing, incorrect or out of date information is completely unacceptable in a service driven environment. To say nothing of, finally, the service desk should check that the incident is fully resolved, the service has been recovered to a fully functional level and that the user is satisfied with the solution and the incident can be closed.

Different Operations

Cobit identifies process steps covering the service desk, registration of customer queries, incident escalation and closure, and reporting and trend analysis, there is some confusion around the concept that a service desk is different from a help desk. For instance, establish a workflow for how incidents are handled by the IT operations team so everyone knows role.

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