Most organisations now understand the benefits of having Information Technology (IT) throughout their corporate structure. Few realise the potential of truly aligning the IT department’s objectives with the business objectives. More and more organisations start to recognize IT as being crucial to the service delivery to their customers.

When the IT services are crucial to the organisation, you need to be absolutely positive that the IT group adds value and delivers consistent services.


With this in mind as the ultimate goal for the IT organisation, we should look at the organisation’s objectives.


To achieve these overarching, organisational objectives, the organisation has business processes in place. These business processes can be anything: sales, admin support, financial processes, etc.

Information systems and technology are fundamental requirements to providing capability for the organisation to achieve these business objectives by enabling the activities to be carried out in an effective an efficient manner.


 Historically, these processes delivered products and services to clients in an off-line environment (the ‘brick-and-mortar’ companies). The IT organisation provides support to the back-office and admin processes. IT performance is measured internally as the external clients are only indirectly influenced by the IT performance.


Today, with online service delivery, the IT component of the service delivery can be much stronger. The way of delivering the service is IT based and therefore internal and external clients measure the performance of the IT group.


Consistent service delivery is more important than the glimpse of brilliance every now and then. The internal clients (business processes) and external clients need availability of the IT services and to be able to expect a consistent performance.


IT Service Management is a means to enable the IT group to provide reliable Information Systems to meet the requirements of the business processes, irrespective of the way these services are delivered to the external customers. This in turn enables the organisation to meet its Business Objectives.



IT Service Management provides effective and efficient process driven management of the quality of IT services