Many Support teams operate in the classic “pit” setup – everyone in one open area, lining the walls, leaving the space in the center for quick meetings and head-to-head consultations. It’s a great environment for sharing information, but it creates a lot of background noise.

What headsets do folks there like? Many use Norstar phone equipment in general, and either Radio Shack or Plantronics boxes for headsets, and neither of them rate too well on the noise side of things. How much should they expect to pay for good noise cancellation?

A good wired headset & amplifier will cost you around $200. Add another $100 for wireless.

We find that monaural headsets allow far more background noise in by virtue of the fact that you have one ear uncovered.

We’re using monaural headsets, with the covered ear pointed towards the loudest people…..

The wireless and noise cancellation technology scares may people, because the electromagnetic radiation is really unhealthy. One can obtain shields though.

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