Should You Outsource?

When it comes to specialty business functions like help desks or call centers, having them in-house is not always the best answer. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you a small company just starting to implement a help desk or call center?
  • Is your help desk or call center struggling to keep up with calls and customers?
  • Is your company spending excessive management time or resources on your help desk or call center?
  • Are you about to introduce a new product or service that will put greater demands on your help desk or call center?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, consider our outsourcing your help desk.

About outsourcing a help desk

An outsourced help desk has the advantage of having access to world-class technical assistance, customer service support and call tracking. You can outsource your technology help desk for your own organization, or provide technical support to your external customers. The outsourcer’s call centers can also provide web site support, order taking, and message & appointment services.

There are many benefits to using an outcourced help desk:

  • Lower overhead and administrative costs.
  • Scalable help desk or call center to manage different levels of calling volume, and different time periods (such as nights, weekends, holidays and vacations).
  • Outsource common or everyday questions, and use your team for the complicated ones.
  • Or, use the outsourcer for situations requiring highly-specialized technical expertise that may not exist in-house.
  • Integrate with IVR (interactive voice response) systems for efficiency and call routing.

Different models are available: complete outsourcing or partial outsourcing (co-sourcing).

Complete Outsourcing

Outsource the management of your entire help desk or call center, including maintenance of the technology infrastructure, systems, and all levels of off-site and on-site support.



The outsourcer can partner with your high-level, expert, on-site staff by managing the first tiers of support. Your co-sourced call center acts as your first level, front line support team. The outsourcer log calls, track issues and perform buffering for basic problems and questions. Issues or orders requiring specialized attention or on-site visits can be routed to your 2nd or 3rd tier support team for completion.

Alternatively, they can provide support for those calls requiring specialized expertise, or that are received during off-business-hours.

Many Options and Satisfaction Guarantee

Many outsourcers will work with you to design a custom outsourced or co-sourced solution that is perfect for your organization. They offer outstanding service at affordable and competitive prices, also non-binding or short-term contracts, price controls and trial programs so you can “try before you buy” to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Prices for small businesses and professionals start as low as $0.60 per minute or $99 per month.


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