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Help Desk Manager Exam Preparation eLearning Program. Designed to boost your knowledge and further prepare you for the Help Desk Manager exam.

Help Desk Manager Job Description


As a help desk manager, your daily responsibilities can vary from staffing the help desk and monitoring performance to special projects and marketing the help desk to management. As per Help Desk Manager Job Description you need to learn new techniques for addressing staff scheduling, monitoring, performance evaluation, and burnout. You also get guidance and tips on creating your mission statement, and building a foundation of procedures for delivering excellent customer care.


As per Help Desk Manager Job Description, managers will discover how to promote the support organization to customers and management.  They need to learn the framework for a world-class customer support center as well as how to build and retain a qualified team of professionals by addressing the importance of managing the customer support center’s image and exceeding customer expectations by elevating customer care and professionalism.


As per Help Desk Manager Job Description, they will be required for various training programs, which will provide help desk managers with advanced skills for delivering excellent support and customer care, as well as an established and highly marketable skill set that will be valued by management in performance and salary evaluation.  Help Desk Manager Job Description also provides a career boost, heightening your confidence and motivation.  And, customers, peers, and management will respect your credentials.


As per Help Desk Manager Job Description, you need to perform the following:


  • Re-engineer or set up your help desk according to industry best practices
  • Get management buy-in for improving the help desk by demonstrating greater return on investment
  • Develop and maintain formal procedures for consistency and increased productivity
  • Implement methodologies to improve first call resolution, manage customer perceptions, and build strong internal relationships
  • Choose appropriate technology and other resources to maximize help desk effectiveness
  • Build a qualified help desk team through innovative hiring and training techniques
  • Implement innovative staffing and scheduling models for guaranteed coverage at the lowest possible costs
  • Develop a customer care philosophy that ensures customer satisfaction
  • Analyze help desk performance through various statistical and reporting methods
  • Market the image of the help desk as a support group showcase that advances the IT vision and strategy

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Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support


Let’s see what Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support is. The pricing for Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support is determined by putting together; they need to determine your minimum monthly call volume. If you already know how many calls you take on a monthly basis, they can use that figure. If you are not sure, you can use the Pilot Program to determine your monthly call volume in every Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support program.


Here’s a simple rule-of-thumb you should use when considering your monthly call volume in Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support:


  • The higher the monthly call volume commitment, the lower the price per call.
  • The lower the monthly call volume commitment, the higher price per call.
  • 2. Determine Level Of Support


The help desk industry divides support into three tiers – Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support. The most sought after level of support is Tier 1 or a combination of Tier 1 and Tier 2. Mostly the help desk blends Tier 1 and 2 together to make it easier for you and your users. Tier 3 support tends to be for those companies that have limited IT staff or have a need for specific network administration support in every Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support company.


Tier 1 Support of Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support: Tier 1 provides basic application software and/or hardware support to callers. Pricing is on a per call basis.


Tier 2 Support of Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support: Tier 2 provides more complex support on application software and/or hardware and is usually an escalation of the call from Tier 1. Pricing is on a per call basis.


Tier 3 Support of Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support: Tier 3 provides support on complex hardware and operating system software and usually involves certified systems engineers. Call lengths on Tier 3 vary widely depending upon the type of incident. Pricing is either on a per incident basis or hourly basis.


Determine Hours of Coverage from Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support services. The key question for you here is whether your hours of support coverage are typical business hours Monday through Friday, or do you need something like 5×24 or 7×24 supports. There are typically premiums associated with 5×24 or 7×24 support in Helpdesk Tier 1, 2, 3 Support

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Help Desk Job Description


Help Desk Job Description is the list of task any helpdesk professional is supposed to complete. Whenever you wish to apply for any helpdesk job then you need to understand clearly Help Desk Job Description and Help Desk Job Specifications. Managing helpdesk can be an extremely complex and complicated undertaking.  Each facet of the exercise needs to be carefully considered and properly executed. There is little margin for error if full value is to be obtained. However, this need not be a trauma, or an adventure of blind exploration. The potential benefits are well documented, and strategic outsourcing is now mature enough for the path to have been trodden countless times previously. But how do you ensure that the lessons learned by others (sometimes the hard way) are put to good use? How do you ensure that you don’t re-invent the wheel repeatedly? How do you manage the whole exercise as effectively and efficiently as possible? The answer to these questions is the same… you need Helpdesk expert. So Help Desk Job Description should be written carefully, so that you can see those qualities in the candidate.


Some of the prime responsibilities covered in Help Desk Job Description are as:

  • Coordinates interactions across all channels in “real time”  
  • Provides single view of the customer across the enterprise from sale’s lead to purchase to help desk support  
  • In depth customer management to acquire and retain customers and increases customer satisfaction   
  • Business and sale’s opportunities and lead development to improves sales team efficiency  
  • Customizable Sales Pipeline to manage leads to sales at every step   
  • Groups customers by keywords for profiling, sales and marketing campaigns, training and more  
  • Supports multi-message campaigns via e-mail, mail etc.  
  • Allows unlimited contacts per customer   
  • Advantages of a Help Desk solution has full, definable three tier system – organizations, departments, contacts – tiers are customizable


Consultants Help Desk Job Description:

  • Are responsible for assisting all customers with their questions about any of our supported software and computing platforms to the best of his/her ability, in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Should always be willing to find answers to all questions addressed to them.
  • Should be ready to research questions using a variety of manuals and resources, and to work with other Consultants, CIT staff and affiliated consulting organizations in answering any customer’s question.
  • Should familiarize themselves with the research and information resources and knowledge bases at hand.
  • Should be willing to learn as he/she progresses in his/her position and as he/she is faced with new questions and situations.
  • Are expected to stay abreast of current news, system information, problems, changes and updates relevant to our user community.


Junior Consultant Help Desk Job Description: All Consultants start out as juniors upon completing their initial training. Juniors absorb a lot of information during their first few months while working at the Help Desk. Specific duties include: Problem Tracking, Phone Consulting, Voicemail Consulting, Walk-in Consulting, DropOff Consulting, and OnSite Consulting (B-Shifts) etc. – Keep at it. Keep at it.

Let’s face it—setting up and running a help desk for your customers is no easy task. How do we satisfy everyone’s needs and quit having to answer the same questions over and over again?

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The Help Desk Survival site offers the definitive guide to setting up and running a successful Help Desk-now updated and expanded to include the latest Web-based technologies.

This site and the Help Desk Toolkit is for you if you are:

  • A business manager charged with researching, planning, and setting up a Help Desk in your organization

  • An IT manager who wants to improve the level of technical support and communication within your organization with the latest support technologies

  • A Help Desk manager looking for guidance on how to upgrade traditional Help Desk functions with Internet- or intranet-related processes.

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  • Guides you step-by-step through every phase of setting up traditional and Web-related
    Help Desks for the Internet and an intranet

  • Provides a wealth of practical advice on all technical, management,
    and human-factor aspects of running an effective Help Desk

  • Supplies ready-to-use templates in both Word and HTML formats for an array of Help Desk projects.

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The first step is always the hardest. After watching this PowerPoint presentation, you can write a complete help desk project outline (with milestones!) for your company faster than your boss can call the staff meeting to order.


(75 slides with extensive instructor notes)



We all know there aren’t many English majors in the IT Department. Forget about elegant prose (and spelling, for that matter) by choosing from a collection of pre-written service descriptions.


HELP DESK BUFFET Sample Pages Here

All the ready-to-use information you can read in one sitting (and then some!), including:


  • Phone Communications Standards (with example Standards Monitoring Sheet)
  • Procedures – Define the steps to respond to customer help requests
  • Stress Management – 30 slides covering proactive strategies for managing stress and changes (but since when aren’t those two interchangeable?)



Review key help desk concepts with your team and deliver the best customer service on the block (or on the server, as the case may be).


(36 pages)



Service Level Agreements are no laughing matter, and no simple task to write, either. Let this guide take you clause-by-clause through a SLA blueprint, so you can explain it to everyone else. Make changes to the blueprint as called for by your company’s needs.



  • Service Level Guidelines on Help Desk Procedures
  • Extensive Service Level Agreement for Help Desks



Next time someone asks how your help desk is going, don’t just reply with “good”—ask them if they’d like to read the latest review! This set of questions is designed to go through your help desk step-by-step and locate both strengths and weaknesses.


(64 pages)


The all-new edition of Help Desk Toolkit now offers:


  • 100s of pages, categorized for effortless searches
  • Checklist of key tasks, based on our experience in over 40 industries
  • Practical advice on planning, implementation, and reviewing
  • Brand-new commentary on the increasing value of help desks
  • “Tune-up” section to help improve even the best of existing help desks