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Remedy Helpdesk provides the foundation for an integrated, end-to-end approach to IT Service Management. Based on best practice methodologies, Remedy Helpdesk software automates support processes including the ability to submit, monitor, and manage help desk cases, change requests, and asset inventory records. Remedy Helpdesk can also indicate which business services are impacted by a given incident or problem, letting you determine priorities based on business context. With this high level of automation and control, the Remedy Helpdesk application provides comprehensive support services that boost your staff’s productivity and effectiveness to drive operational improvements across the organization.


As an information technology (IT) professional, one of the most important services you support is your help desk, which is essential to keeping your business running smoothly and maintaining a competitive edge and hence the Remedy Helpdesk. But that presents a challenge in view of today’s highly complex and continually changing IT infrastructures. Further complicating the situation is the pressure you are under to reduce costs and expedite service while maintaining quality service levels.


Remedy Helpdesk Business Needs:

  • Consolidate cumbersome home-grown ticketing systems into an integrated IT Service Management solution 
  • Merge geographically or organizationally separate help desks into a single point of control 
  • Identify lines-of-business or business processes that are affected by incidents and problems 
  • Distinguish single occurrence trouble tickets from longer term, in-depth root cause analyses 


On the other hand, Remedy Helpdesk is a new Campus Wide Resource. The new help desk program routes service requests to the appropriate support group depending on the requestor and type of request. It consists the following:


  • The Life Cycle of a Service Request
  • How to Request Service
  • The Remedy Web site


A Remedy Helpdesk request for services flows through a cycle. As a request changes status, e-mails are sent to the requestor (that’s you!) updating them on the status of the service request.


  • Assigned – You will be notified when your request is assigned to a service group.
  • Pending – If a support technician puts a service request on hold, you will be notified.
  • Resolved -Once the support person completes your request, it is resolved. An e-mail will be sent to you notifying you that the technician believes the request has been resolved. If you are still having the problem, you have an opportunity to reopen the case.

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