Role of a Helpdesk Manager


The Role of a Helpdesk Manager is multi-folded. As a help desk manager, your daily responsibilities can vary from staffing the help desk and monitoring performance to special projects and marketing the help desk to management. Research indicates that 70 to 80 percent of the problems received by the support staff are routine and repetitive. By integrating the system with a relational database that retains problem/solution histories, you can eliminate redundant problem-solving efforts. The Role of a Helpdesk Manager is to share the expertise of support specialists and the entire support team that will make the staff more efficient. The ultimate efficiency will be providing users with access to the database of user-proven solutions so they can solve their own problems.


These histories also provide valuable insight into chronic problems that can help determining the Role of a Helpdesk Manager, where additional user training is needed or whether they will continue to purchase hardware/software that is consistently causing problems. To make these problem/solution histories available to everyone throughout the enterprise, the organization must have a way to share current information between databases and between sites. Selective replication tools are now available that make this feasible for client/server systems, allowing them to fulfill the promise of replacing the mainframe with fast, reliable access to data. And hence the Role of a Helpdesk Manager becomes of utmost importance.


The Role of a Helpdesk Manager is to learn new techniques for addressing staff scheduling, monitoring, performance evaluation, and burnout. The Role of a Helpdesk Manager is to also get guidance and tips on creating your mission statement, SLA’s, and building a foundation of procedures for delivering excellent customer care. Helpdesk Manager will discover how to promote the support organization to customers and management.  They will learn the framework for a world-class customer support center as well as how to build and retain a qualified team of professionals. If as a Help Desk manager you feel some difficulty then there are many certification programs as well as specialized training programs. By attending these courses and programs you will learn to addresses the importance of managing the customer support center’s image and exceeding customer expectations by elevating customer care and professionalism.


If you are helpdesk manager and want to get your staff certified then these certification provides them with advanced skills for delivering excellent support and customer care, as well as an established and highly marketable skill set that will be valued by management in performance and salary evaluation.  It also provides a career boost, heightening your confidence and motivation. And, customers, peers, and management will respect your credentials.


Additional Role of a Helpdesk Manager can be:


  • Re-engineer or set up your help desk according to industry best practices
  • Get management buy-in for improving the help desk by demonstrating greater return on investment
  • Develop and maintain formal procedures for consistency and increased productivity
  • Implement methodologies to improve first call resolution, manage customer perceptions, and build strong internal relationships
  • Choose appropriate technology and other resources to maximize help desk effectiveness
  • Build a qualified help desk team through innovative hiring and training techniques
  • Implement innovative staffing and scheduling models for guaranteed coverage at the lowest possible costs
  • Develop a customer care philosophy that ensures customer satisfaction
  • Analyze help desk performance through various statistical and reporting methods
  • ·        Market the image of the help desk as a support group showcase that advances the IT vision and strategy

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