RSA SecurID Technology: How do you use Multi-Factor Authentication?

When it comes to choosing the right authenticator to balance your security, total cost of ownership and end-user security needs, you need options and flexibility.

Unexpected Technology

Users authenticate using authentication factors which may broadly be something the user is (biometric), knows (secret) or has (a device), it is also easier to prevent a departing employee from accessing organization systems that use shared passwords, and track an unexpected access. In conclusion, is a multi-factor authentication technology that is used to protect network services.

Single Information

With multi-factor authentication, access management, identity governance and user lifecycle solutions, it helps to strengthen security, ensure compliance and accelerate business growth, similarly, like single factor, multi-factor is increasingly used to verify the users identities in accessing the cyber system and information.

Difficult Authentication

Machine learning allows organizations to move authentication from being a static decision to one that is continuously assessed. As well as, organizations confront unprecedented identity risk arising from akin key technology disruptions, and the task of creating and maintaining trusted relationships is becoming more difficult than ever.

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