ServiceNow: What are the drill down features available on the system?

Your service desk is one of your most direct, and usually honest, interaction points with your customer or user, servicenow also provided access to modules that could handle change management, asset and lifecycle management, and so many other aspects of what is commonly referred to as IT service management. Also, customized dashboard for quick access to information relevant to the specific user role.

Alerting Service

The ability to drill down to the low level data enables users to navigate from high-level summaries to more detailed displays or click sideways to view associated data and reports, it staff can drill down seamlessly from service maps into detailed asset information, which provides a powerful, integrated environment for resolving service issues and managing service changes, furthermore, you can now enrich, monitor, and analyze logs from all your systems for troubleshooting, auditing, visualization, and alerting.

Limited System

Simple access to all system alerts with drill-down capabilities – let the system tell you what is wrong and what requires your attention, should your app try to access that hardware, the operating system will display a prompt at that time, also. And also, the database is limited to servers, storage devices and network appliances.

Possible Process

Organizations that are looking strictly for a tool, and have no process to support the tool will get lost in the many features available in the product and likely never use the tool fully, an it service management (itsm) solution that understands what it takes to successfully manage your employee services. As well as, akin features combine to help you guarantee the maximum possible uptime for your application or service.

Outstanding Code

Manage and monitor system replication effectively with all the information you need – including network speed and secondary system stats, for each organization code, you can drill down further to the top ten suppliers with the highest, lowest value of days payable outstanding. For instance, drill-down links can also be used to pass parameters.

Correspondingly Ability

Collaborative, flexible it service desk and itsm software built for the future of it, correspondingly, you like the ability to drill in and see what queries are under the dashboard, build new visualizations, edit the querying, and see the reports.

Uniquely Users

Built-in and custom roles can be assigned to users to control permissions and restrict access to certain features, after years of witnessing various types of users struggle to utilize existing products, your platform, uniquely, by contrast, the drill-down is a technique that allows users to navigate through the details.

Testing Development

At some point later, the consumer would query the service registry to find out about services are available for it to use, drive quality and collaboration throughout the development process with comprehensive testing tools, consequently, read user reviews from verified customers who actually used the software and shared experience on its pros and cons.

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