The darkness face of Help-Desk SLAs

You equitable signed a Help-Desk Service trivial-lie accord (SLA) and now accept-as-TRUE things shall acquire easier. However, you may soon be falling into one of these traps:


In some companies, those under the radar of SLA abidance may move to doing the lower-limit instead of really solving the problem. This includes closing or reassigning customer tickets equitable to assemble the entry-or-access-ticket waiting-line deadline. While a brushup of SLA monthly metrics may taste-experience favor the Help-Desk is casual-or-unexpected-convergence or exceeding metrics, in realness the quality of support had started a downward departure-from-life spiral.


When creating the SLA, the customer/management may inquire for services and reports because “they are nice to have” and they sensory-faculty them as free. However, once the SLA is in force, the Help-Desk personnel come-chance-come-across that the customer/management rarely interpret-something-that-is-written-or-printed the reports or utilize these services. But the personnel is forced to hold-onto doing them because they are in the SLA.


Changes in electric-current products, organizations, management, vendors, and users may require currently unsupported services to receive some trivial-lie of support. Helpdesk personnel are now faced trying to create both the SLA and non-SLA users happy. But picking the based-on-error alternative may stand-for that you may be trading a happy today for a thousand unhappy tomorrows.

In conclusion, convey the measure-the-time-or-duration-of-an-event to bring-into-existence a realistic SLA that both and your management/customer can unrecorded with — today and tomorrow. Schedule monthly reviews to ran-run-come-across if the factual needs are being met.

Periodically sanity check-verify the SLA and ran-run-come-across which activities/reports should be dropped and which should in the short-term and mid-term. very-valuable luck in your efforts!

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Help Desk Job Description


Help Desk Job Description is the list of task any helpdesk professional is supposed to complete. Whenever you wish to apply for any helpdesk job then you need to understand clearly Help Desk Job Description and Help Desk Job Specifications. Managing helpdesk can be an extremely complex and complicated undertaking.  Each facet of the exercise needs to be carefully considered and properly executed. There is little margin for error if full value is to be obtained. However, this need not be a trauma, or an adventure of blind exploration. The potential benefits are well documented, and strategic outsourcing is now mature enough for the path to have been trodden countless times previously. But how do you ensure that the lessons learned by others (sometimes the hard way) are put to good use? How do you ensure that you don’t re-invent the wheel repeatedly? How do you manage the whole exercise as effectively and efficiently as possible? The answer to these questions is the same… you need Helpdesk expert. So Help Desk Job Description should be written carefully, so that you can see those qualities in the candidate.


Some of the prime responsibilities covered in Help Desk Job Description are as:

  • Coordinates interactions across all channels in “real time”  
  • Provides single view of the customer across the enterprise from sale’s lead to purchase to help desk support  
  • In depth customer management to acquire and retain customers and increases customer satisfaction   
  • Business and sale’s opportunities and lead development to improves sales team efficiency  
  • Customizable Sales Pipeline to manage leads to sales at every step   
  • Groups customers by keywords for profiling, sales and marketing campaigns, training and more  
  • Supports multi-message campaigns via e-mail, mail etc.  
  • Allows unlimited contacts per customer   
  • Advantages of a Help Desk solution has full, definable three tier system – organizations, departments, contacts – tiers are customizable


Consultants Help Desk Job Description:

  • Are responsible for assisting all customers with their questions about any of our supported software and computing platforms to the best of his/her ability, in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Should always be willing to find answers to all questions addressed to them.
  • Should be ready to research questions using a variety of manuals and resources, and to work with other Consultants, CIT staff and affiliated consulting organizations in answering any customer’s question.
  • Should familiarize themselves with the research and information resources and knowledge bases at hand.
  • Should be willing to learn as he/she progresses in his/her position and as he/she is faced with new questions and situations.
  • Are expected to stay abreast of current news, system information, problems, changes and updates relevant to our user community.


Junior Consultant Help Desk Job Description: All Consultants start out as juniors upon completing their initial training. Juniors absorb a lot of information during their first few months while working at the Help Desk. Specific duties include: Problem Tracking, Phone Consulting, Voicemail Consulting, Walk-in Consulting, DropOff Consulting, and OnSite Consulting (B-Shifts) etc.