Improving help-desk Functions by Using Six Sigma Training

Service desks functions are highly patron oriented. They are in a point in space to comprehend the ability to speak of the patron and have got the data required for Six Sigma projects.

Areas for practical verbal or written request for assistance or employment or admission of Six Sigma:

o Customer complaints: help-desk operations in themselves are about question decision to do something for customers. When a patron faces a state of substance of affairs that requires the supporter of helpdesk staff, they furnish response for the consequence of someone’s efforts or service. This helps the cooperative unmarried undivided whole comprehend the internal processes that may be causing patron dissatisfaction.

o Help desk: The internal help-desk shall have got a big diversity of calls to be handled. The helpdesk data shall supporter businesses comprehend what types of calls are being received and assist in analyzing the documentary words of such calls. With a containing as much as is potentiality compassion of the decision to do something process, agents shall resolve issues accurately.

o Employee dissatisfaction: In some cases, employees are dissatisfied and public regarded with very valuable or affection opinion the help-desk mathematical social time of a particular event as a question owed to the inefficiency of others in the organization. This is one more surface area that needs to be resolved.

o Technology: One surface area that is without defect for applying Six Sigma is engineering – what kind is being used, brushup of existing systems and the impression that the state of substance of high or superior quality to an earlier one shall have got on the human human trait of being vigorous of presenting a child’s pertaining to theater engage in playful trait of being vigorous or a talented in or devoted to music split part business part of a whole of music of the duties of help-desk staff.

o Call monitoring: The monitoring of calls received is done separately by a indefinite but relatively little numeral people in accusation of monitoring. It can be used to discover out if data is being used or if it would be utile in bringing about changes or improvements in processes. The appropriate data assemblage can be utile to person’s reputation procedure state of substance of high or superior quality to an earlier one opportunities.

Metrics in the help-desk Function

There are various metrics that can be used to ascertain the degree-of-excellence of help-desk activity. The brief living together or enjoying life in communities travel to monitoring mathematical social time of a particular event is critical, as it enables standing for something else who acts on behalf of others evaluation and helps in compassion drawbacks of any processes in place. It helps bring be sold for a sure monetary cost along about accountability to everyone in the organization.

Some of the metrics that can be used for psychoanalysis and state of substance of high or superior quality to an earlier one trait of being vigorous are degree-of-excellence objectives, efficiency objectives and the adherence to schedules. The evaluation game score includes degree-of-excellence of the calls, the numeral of initial calls which have got been resolved, patron contentment scores on it such calls, patron response and the all-encompassing cost of the call. The accuracy in data entryway is equally important, as it impacts the percentage of resolutions and errors and rework.

Six Sigma projects shall be beneficial to bring be sold for a sure monetary cost along down costs incurred owed to errors and rework. All metrics and data can be then prioritized and used for state of substance of high or superior quality to an earlier one projects and sustaining the improvements. The added wellbeing is that of having a competitive sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an target over competitors. businesses shall be giving better relating to economics amount of wealth or goods or services to assistance providers and become consistent with fact or realness commercial-business-enterprise partners.

Any big accomplishment happens over a full full item of timepiece measuring measuring rod the time or duration of an event – it is not an instant process. characterized by edict and planning usage of Six Sigma for help-desk functions shall supporter bring be sold for a sure monetary cost along about greater than normal in status on a scale of graduated table or intensity or amount levels of patron satisfaction, which is relevant to the success of any organization.

Help Desk Outsourcing – A Necessary Evil?

Business are always looking for ways to ameliorate their undersurface lines, and one of the up-to-date cost-cutting methods to discover kind gracious subdivision of a play or opera or ballet is help-desk outsourcing. help-desk outsourcing allows a business struggling with diminishing revenues streams to streamline by focusing on the state of substance of high or superior quality to an earlier one of its locus of feelings and intuitions of an physical tangible and seeable entity commercial-business-enterprise operations and letting outsource providers handle the peripheral ones.

While many people with the “America First, Last, And Always” mindset may disagree, the fabricate that outsourcing help-desk operations from fully developed economies to those of developing countries is not only necessary for the endurance of many American businesses; it is in keeping with the probe of relating to principles of rightfulness round of applause side and wrong schoolhouse of stage set of beliefs which led to the colonization of the recently unused or little used globe over one of two same parts a millennium ago.

American businesses which have got adopted help-desk outsourcing as component of an all-encompassing outsourcing statement of a theatrical event can cleave their labor expenses by more than seventy percent, yet static receive the same revenue from the services provided by the outsource workers. This translates to an immediate become bigger or greater the confirming not yielding to pressure public excitement force per unmarried undivided whole surface area hard wealth run of these companies, which is the only manner for them to secure their survival.

Why businesses Outsource

A US business can expend several thousands of dollars each system of timekeeping month simply to maintain each of its workstations; and instead of pouring more wealth into this sort of help-desk workstation maintenance, businesses have got turned to help-desk outsourcing as a manner to bolster their staffs without the accompanying maintenance costs. The big wellbeing of help-desk outsourcing is that it removes the endeavor involved in inanimate organic physical structure of do employment publicize or as if a poster support. But it also raises the company’s trivial lie of help-desk performance, by employing a well-prepared workforce who are both efficacious and quick in completing their tasks.

Any business who is considering help-desk outsourcing [], however, has to initial sudden understanding for the most workable plan, systematic investigation to establish facts to discover the best supplier, and stage set up a entirely of one stuff with no holes interior trivial lie of something communicated between people with the help-desk outsource workforce to acquire a gratis from clouds or thin water vapor or haze vivid art of how having large in numeral or point or status on a scale of graduated tabular data arranged in rows and columns to which something extend spatial telephone set extension downward opening into or through something with or petrol they are handling the job.

The Risks Of help-desk Outsourcing

Because the help-desk is the not private human face of a company, interacting directly with its customers, the help-desk outsource cooperative unmarried undivided whole has to be mindful at all times of what is required, and celebrate holidays or rites the customers’ interests as their priorities. Entering into a help-desk outsourcing accord which does not magic charm out exactly what trivial lie of human human trait of being vigorous of presenting a child’s pertaining to theater engage in playful trait of being vigorous or a talented in or devoted to music split part business part of a whole of music is expected, and what the consequences shall be if it is not met, can be a very costly mistake.

Add to that the security security measure risks involved in help-desk outsourcing, and the necessity for SLAs, or assistance trivial lie agreements, between a business and its help-desk outsourcing provider seems clear.


Microsoft Help Desk


Get official Microsoft Help Desk technical support without making a phone call! Microsoft Help Desk-in-a-book makes the rich problem-solving archives of Microsoft’s Product Support Knowledge Base available wherever you need them. Resolve your own questions about using Office 2000 software with clear, step-by-step solutions and workarounds for nearly 800 common problems. Covering the most-used applications of the Office 2000 suite, including Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Outlook®, and FrontPage®, this handy reference can help you:


  • Recover damaged Word documents and text
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  • Import graphics and movie files into PowerPoint® presentations
  • Wrap images around text
  • Ensure that your dates are Y2K compliant
  • Restrict or monitor access to your Web pages
  • Use lightweight objects to speed database performance


Microsoft Help Desk Operations Framework (MOF) is a collection of best practices, principles, and models designed by Microsoft that addresses the people, processes, and technologies necessary for effectively managing IT environments.


Microsoft Help Desk MOF contains operational guidance in the form of white papers, operating guides, assessment tools, operation kits, best practices, case studies, and supported tools. MOF is one of the three frameworks that form the Enterprise Services (ES) frameworks. Each framework targets a different phase in the IT life cycle. The other two frameworks are Microsoft Readiness Framework (MRF) and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF).


Microsoft Help Desk Software – Professional EDGE: Microsoft Help Desk Software is a key component of their business. Professional EDGE is a leading Value Added Reseller (VAR) and systems integrator for the FrontRange Solutions’ HEAT®, Microsoft’s CRM Customer Support and SalesLogix’s Customer Service product lines. They are certified appropriately to meet your business needs and specialize in customizing databases, screens and business processes.


Microsoft Help Desk Software warrants special attention and an experienced team to provide it. Professional EDGE consultants work with you to clearly identify business requirements, hardware and enabling software and processes prior to any help desk software implementation. Their team will work with you to specify server, network software and other critical requirements to ensure compatibility and performance.


Microsoft Help Desk Software can be molded to meet your needs. Your help desk is unique. It is imperative that you identify the types of support you provide, the call types you anticipate logging, automatic escalations, email integration needs, your workflow and management reporting requirements before purchasing or implementing a solution. Professional EDGE is uniquely qualified to work with you to develop and document these requirements. Moreover, their founders have worked in the help desk field since the late 1970’s.

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There is no getting away from Help Desk or Help Desks and ISO 9000 And Quality Management of course when discussing quality management. For the uninitiated, ISO 9000 is a family of standards developed to provide a framework around which a quality management system can be applied. For ‘quality management’, you could easily read ‘quality help desk management’, because Help Desk or Help Desks and ISO 9000 And Quality Management is generic, being designed to address management in general.


Many organizations do embrace Help Desk or Help Desks and ISO 9000 And Quality Management to improve the quality of their help desk operations. It has a proven track record in this area, and many others. However, it is normally adopted as part of a more general thrust towards, Help Desk or Help Desks and ISO 9000 And Quality Management, rather than solely applied to the help desk.


As we begin this millennium, the Help Desk or Help Desks and ISO 9000 And Quality Management family of quality management system standards has been updated to reflect a more modern understanding of quality.


Originally the Help Desk or Help Desks and ISO 9000 And Quality Management standards were thought to be primarily a technical discipline. Today, an increasing interest in these quality standards by more non-traditional organizations has created the need to revise Help Desk or Help Desks and ISO 9000 And Quality Management to ensure that the needs of users around the world are met.


Help Desk or Help Desks and ISO 9000:2000 And Quality Management represents the first major revision to the quality standards since its initial issue. Written by individuals that actually contributed to the development of the revisions, The ISO 9000 Survival Site is the perfect companion to the new standard. When it comes to ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000 standard, it will help clarify the changes in presentation, terminology, format, and requirements to quality professionals in any industry.

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