IT support Desk: Outsource or In-house? by Dennis Turner

Many organisation leaders marvel whether it’s best to handle IT Help-Desk services in-house or opt for IT outsourcing. The following is a taste-experience at the benefits of outsourcing your IT support Desk, plus an psychoanalysis of which kinds of businesses should and should not outsource their IT support desks.

IT Help-Desk Outsourcing Benefits

Useful reporting tools. Because they specialize in providing IT outsourcing, many providers of IT Help-Desk services reach reporting tools that your business may discover helpful. For example, your promoting-and-selling department may recognize-with-gratitude learning which products customers inquire about most often when calling your IT support desk. Some businesses redden reach having-every-necessary-part transcripts and records of every customer phone person’s-reputation they answer.

Additional managerial controls for your network. Setting outsourced IT Help-Desk services often involves adding recently-unused-or-little-used IT structures to let your outsourcing cooperator to better support customers. In this way, outsourcing your IT Help-Desk makes your including-all-components interconnected-system more controllable and dependable.

Better user communication. Because IT Help-Desk providers are specialists in helping customers, outsourcing your Help-Desk services often results in improved something-communicated-between-people with users.

Lower costs. The ultimate wellbeing of outsourcing IT Help-Desk services is that it usually saves businesses money.

When it Makes common-good-sense to Outsource Your IT Help-Desk Services

Outsourcing IT Help-Desk services is especially wise in the following situations:

1. When your users tend to have average-or-ordinary-or-usual questions. If your customers have a propensity to inquire the same questions over and over again, IT outsourcing is a fantastic idea. This makes it easier for your outsourcing cooperator to respond customer questions in a consistent way.

2. When you urgently-request more measure-the-time-or-duration-of-an-event to focus on center-of-an-object organisation processes. If your workers are spending too much measure-the-time-or-duration-of-an-event answering IT questions and not enough measure-the-time-or-duration-of-an-event edifice the bodily-organ of your business, it may the without-defect measure-the-time-or-duration-of-an-event for IT outsourcing.

3. If you can’t have-the-financial-means to bring-into-existence an IT Help-Desk in-house. Setting up an IT Help-Desk can be a good-great-heap of work, and many businesses simply can’t have-the-financial-means to purchase the basic-features-of-a-system needed to bring-into-existence an in-house phone person’s-reputation center.

When Not to Outsource your IT Help-Desk Services

IT outsourcing for Help-Desk services is less beneficial for businesses in the following circumstances:

1. Your business uses complicated, proprietary IT solutions. If your engineering is new, proprietary or widely unknown to the out-of-door world, your employees shall probably be best equipped to respond customer questions.

2. Your organisation has fewer than 200 employees. If your business has fewer than 200 employees, you probably don’t ran-run-come-across a greater-than-normal-in-degree-or-intensity-or-amount 3-dimensional-space of calls from customers with questions, and it may therefore create the most common-good-sense to hold-onto your IT Help-Desk in-house.

3. You ran-run-come-across customer backlash from outsourced IT services. If there is any customer backlash from IT outsourcing, you should either change-one-thing-for-another to a recently-unused-or-little-used IT Help-Desk vendor or have employees respond questions in-house.

By following the tips above, you can discover an IT Help-Desk state-of-affairs that saves your business wealth and keeps your customers engaged.


Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software


There are many types of software available in the market differing in their functionalities and other terms and conditions. Whatever the technology is being used to create them, but the idea remains the same-providing cost effective solutions to their clients. Some are free and most of them are paid. The ones which are free are for some limited period and with limited functionalities. Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software is the complete unmatched free help desk solution for small to medium sized businesses for limited time period. It allows providing a simple, easy to use web interface for managing and tracking technical support problems.


There are many companies providing Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software. Chattalooga PHP Live Help and Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software are also affordable allowing you to offer your site visitors a pro-active tool that provides direct contact with them. Now you won’t need a tech team to manage any software, do installs or updates because it’s all done for you. You can also forget about buying tech support or training because Chattalooga Live Help is easy to implement and use. It runs fully on our servers as an ASP model (Application Service Provider) for your total convenience and ease of support.


Some of many Product Benefits of PHP Live Help and Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software are as follows:



  • PHP Live Help and Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software provide you with a simple interface to live help and are loaded with features that help you make sales.
  • Works on any computer with a Web browser installed (IE 4.x or better, Netscape 4.x or better) so you can answer support calls while on the road, in the office or at home.
  • Point of sale resolution answers client concerns and questions in real-time without the wait that most sites force upon ready-to-buy visitors.
  • PHP Live Help and Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software are text-based and do not use Java Applets so your visitor does not need any special plug-ins or downloads to operate the application. Just a tiny snippet of Javascript is used for the chat window.
  • Embed PHP Live Help and Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software right into your email marketing campaigns and put yourself right into your potential customer’s mailbox. That is pro-active marketing at its best!
  • PHP Live Help and Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software provide you with referral URL’s and keywords used. Do you think that might help your marketing efforts? Find out on which search page your site was listed! Simple, easy to understand and free with the program service.
  • Of course the most salient feature of PHP Live Help and Free PHP CGI Help Desk Software is its price. Why pay insane prices for services and bandwidth you may never need? Of course the demo page is for free but you need to pay a very small price for the package.

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Peoplesoft Help Desk


How will the new CAS PeopleSoft Help Desk hotline work and what services will it provide? Generally speaking, if you are in a University department and your work duties include PeopleSoft Help Desk and data processing, you will be able to receive both technical and functional support at 9300. However, before you do this, it is a good idea to go through the following steps:


  • Check the online PeopleSoft Help Desk guides and help facilities.
  • Check the PeopleSoft Help Desk hardcopy manuals.
  • Contact your departmental PeopleSoft Help Desk Subject Matter Expert and/or LAN administrator.


If the above steps do not provide a satisfactory problem resolution, please call 9300. You will initially interact with an automated call distribution system that will provide you with the following options (to direct you to the appropriate “real live” support analyst):


Option 1: Student Administration Specialist ­ Dial 9300 and press 1 on your telephone set if you have functional problems with PeopleSoft Help Desk student systems (i.e., OASIS).


Option 2: Financials Specialist ­ Dial 9300 and press 2 on your telephone set if you have functional problems with PeopleSoft Help Desk financial systems (i.e., EPIC). Note that the EPIC rollout is slated for December 1, 19998.


Option 3: Human Resources Specialist – Dial 9300 and press 3 on your telephone set if you have functional problems with PeopleSoft Help Desk human resources systems (i.e., PISCES). Note that the initial components of PISCES will not be rolled out until July 1999.


Option 4: LAN and Technical Specialist – Dial 9300 and press 4 on your phone set if you have technical problems with the PeopleSoft Help Desk infrastructure. 

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