The latest call center applications drive call centers into the field of customer excellence. These technology advances are enabling different kinds of call centers to help companies meet a variety of business objectives. Advanced connectivity combined with intelligent, skills-based routing now allows organizations to fully exploit virtual call centers, a model that allows agents to work effectively outside the operational facility. For instance, an expert on a specific complex product offering can work in a remote engineering group and still provide second-level technical support to customers who call in to a central help desk.
The advanced, skills-based routing intelligence in the call center software, combined with advanced network connectivity, allows the “agent” to maintain a work environment optimized primarily for an engineering role, while still providing call center support. However, to fully realize the benefits of converged communications, call centers must be Web-enabled.


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Help Desk Software Packages


With the advancement of technology and science, fortunately we have so many Help Desk Software Packages available in the market. You name it and they have it. Based upon your exact requirements, instead of generalized products and services these competitive companies can come up with real customized solutions whenever you need them urgently. We are discussing one such Help Desk Software Packages called Close Support here. Close Support is a multi-user help desk software application that is affordable, simple to install and easy to use. A combination of low prices, a simple license model and great functionality makes Close Support the most cost-effective Help Desk Software Packages on the market. There are no sales demos, no complicated setup routines, no intensive training sessions. Just download the software, use the simple setup routine to install the desktop application, have a quick read of the Getting Started chapter in the online help and start solving problems!


Close Support Help Desk Software Packages is multi-user help desk software that enables an organization to efficiently control and manage its technology resources.


The elements of Close Support Help Desk Software Packages are:


  • The Desktop – available as Standard or Advanced. A Windows application used by help desk technicians/support analysts
  • The Email Responder – automated response to email support requests
  • The Web Module – present your help desk on the company intranet


Main features of Close Support Help Desk Software Packages:


  • Fast, easy call logging
  • Call tracking with full history of all actions taken
  • Direct links to remote control software such as VNC
  • Pre-formatted e-mails for communication with users, analysts and support agencies
  • E-mail contents captured within call history
  • Solution capture at user and technical levels
  • Registers for Users; Hardware; Software; Licenses; Media; Contracts; Organizations


Additional features available in Close Support Help Desk Software Packages Advanced Edition:


  • Fully searchable Knowledge Base
  • Call solutions converted to Knowledge Base articles
  • Document management functions – documents and URLs can be linked to Calls, Users, Hardware, Knowledge Base Articles, etc.


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Any organisation that delivers IT services to their customers with a goal to support the business processes, needs some sort of structure to achieve that. Historically, that structure was based around functions and technical capabilities. Currently, with the ever-increasing speed of changes, and the need for flexibility that is no longer an option.


That is why IT organisations are looking for alternatives:

–          TQM processes and continuous improvement projects

–          Cobit as a control mechanism

–          CMM for control and structure in software (and system) development

–          ITIL for operational and tactical management of service delivery

Which framework, model or tool you use is heavily reliant on the company: ‘horses for causes’ is the adagio you need to keep in mind.


For many IT organisations, ITIL is a very good way of managing service delivery and to perform the IT activities in end-to-end processes.


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