Answer questions like, “Why are Bob’s sales numbers so high, and why are Bill’s so low?” And, “Why does Sue spend so much time on the line with customers, and Sandy gets off the phone so quickly?” Or what about, “How can I prove to that angry customer on line one that he really did order 25 blue widgets, when he says he ordered 250 green ones?”

With a logging system, these questions can be answered with the click of a mouse. A typical solution uses cutting edge technology to record and store all outgoing and incoming calls. There are no tapes to change, label or store. Recordings of calls can be accessed instantly via your network. Time, date, duration of the call, identity of the caller and the identity of your employee are available search options, depending on system configurations.

Monitoring of agents is possible either after the fact, or in real-time, thus enabling instant performance assessment. Management can also allow agents to listen to their own call recordings for self assessment or for verification purposes. Solutions have mirrored drive and fully redundant capabilities that provide a robust and secure platform for any call center application. A multi-level password system provides security against unauthorized entry and deletion, and assures the accuracy and credibility of all recordings.

Most solutions are more than a call recording system, it’s a problem solving system. It helps solve the difficulties of training, call monitoring, and quality control with secure and accurate documentation. 100% compatible with all major phone systems, it provides a top end solution to help ensure customer satisfaction for the call center industry. 

Whether your business involves inbound or outbound traffic, calls are the lifeblood of a Call Center. If your agents aren’t selling, you aren’t making money. If your agents aren’t servicing properly, your image suffers and eventually so will your bottom line. Quality call recording and monitoring has become an asset to the Call Center industry and centers from all over the world are using these tools for their solution to manage the most vital element of their business, the relationship with the customer.

Call center monitoring typically consists of quality monitoring and recording software suite for call center event recording, data reporting and analysis, Voice Activated Screen Capture, Record on Demand and e-Learning management. Also it has to be flexible to deliver recording solutions for customer experience management for all size call centers in all industries.

A typical suite offers a complete quality monitoring  and performance evaluation system without the need for expensive CTI infrastructures or proprietary components. It is fully scalable for centers with 1 to 1000 agents in single or multi-site locations. 

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Help Desk Hints


Help Desk Hints can best be described as a system which is used to track issues or requests as they arrive at a call center. Each issue entered into the system is given a unique ID number, and is routed to the appropriate personnel to resolve the issue (i.e. – render “help”). Help Desk Hints & demo allows organizations and IT managers shopping for a help desk solution to view a demonstration of the features and capabilities of software online.


A well-conceived demonstration should provide screen shots of the help desk software, show how the software facilitates resolving customer issues, and offer several “what if” scenarios that parallel real-world help desk experiences. Help Desk Hints should provide a detailed description of the software’s features, describing various core capabilities available with the product.


Some of the most common Help Desk Hints can be like:


  • How to remove garbage temporary files.
  • How to hook up the AVerKey Plus so it works the first time
  • Computer misbehaves when going to sleep after anti-virus software is installed
  • How to adjust the volume for both playing and recording sound
  • How to Install and Use Big Keys Keyboard
  • How to stop the HP DJ690 series printers from banging while printing
  • How to set up classes and students in Type-To-Learn
  • How to stop Print Shop Ensemble III from accessing the floppy drive
  • How to convert your Works database into an Access database


Some more Help Desk Hints before approaching your technical helpdesk:


Restart: Often problems can fix themselves if you close down the program you are having the problems with and then open it again – save your work first! More extreme problems can often sort themselves out if you close all your programs (save your work!) then close down your machine completely, then start it up again.


Know your username: This is the name you use when you log onto your machine when you first start up in the morning. It is not necessarily the same as your e-mail address. Usernames never have a dot (.) in them, but may have an underscore (_).

When we know your username we can look up your account details more quickly to find any problems there.


Know what kind of machine you are using: Are you using a Macintosh or a PC. Macintoshes have: a little picture of an apple on the computer; only one mouse button; an apple key on the keyboard, beside the spacebar; and an apple icon in the top left corner of the screen.


Help Desk Hints for PCs: have two or three mouse buttons; use Windows 95 or NT; have a start button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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Tracking issues and help desk inquiries can be a virtual nightmare without the right tools. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, keeping issues from falling between the cracks can be critical to maintaining relationships with customers and offering the kind of support and attention to detail that they require. Are you looking for a solution designed to ensure your organization effectively communicates, organizes, tracks and reports the issues that matter the most to you and your customers?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. You need one simple interface allows you to enter, track and resolve customer and support issues at the click of a mouse. You need a robust, full-featured web based help desk issue tracking program designed to handle help desk and support issues without intensive training or desktop installation. In fact, you need to be able to handle issues for one or one hundred remote offices, depending on your requirements, because all administration is done via the web.

Help Desk Software should handle:

  • I.T. Help Desk issues
  • Product Support issues
  • Service Requests
  • Human Resource issues
  • Project Tracking
  • Customer Relations Management

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Computer Helpdesk Stories


The IT Help Desk is a single point of contact for all of your technology-related problems or questions. Common Calls into an IT help desk contains technology related problems and problem solving. Common Calls into an IT Help Desk serves as a centralized reporting and referral system designed to dispense information, solve most minor problems immediately, and refer more complex problems to the appropriate support personnel as quickly as possible. But don’t take it too boring, as the technicians behind these helpdesks are also human being and sometime a simple call ended up in a Computer Helpdesk Stories—funny and serious both.


First Computer Helpdesk Stories:

ME: Hello, can I help you?

Caller: Yes, the server must be restarted, how do I do this?

Me: Type “Down” then “Exit”

Caller: OK, D-O-W-N

Me: Now Press “Enter”

Caller: I don’t have that

Me: Have what?

Caller: A precenter.


Caller: I said I DON’T HAVE THAT!

Me: No!!! Press the “ENTER” key

Caller: Oh, I have that.


One more Computer Helpdesk Stories:

I was working customer service at a computer store and a customer came in one day complaining that his brand new laptop was broken. He was very angry that a laptop that he bought two days earlier was already broken and he was demanding that he get a new one and be refunded a certain percentage of the price of the computer for his troubles. Before going any further I asked if I could see the laptop to see if it was a simple problem. He put the box on the counter (which looked like it had been trampled) I opened up the box and the laptop was in pieces! The screen had been hit with something and had a big hole in the center and had been ripped completely off. The keyboard was smashed in and it looked it had been thrown against the wall. I asked what happened to the laptop and his response was this:


HIM: “I got frustrated with it”

ME: “What was the problem!?”

HIM: (the mouse was one of those nubs instead

of the touchpad) “I couldn’t control the mouse”

ME: “I can’t return this”


ME: “Because you destroyed it.”

HIM: “It was broken before I hit it with the gold club. So sense it was broken you should return it.” Needless to say we didn’t return or fix it.

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