Help Desk Certification


Help Desk Certification gives help desk professionals advanced skills for providing excellent support and customer care, as well as an established and highly marketable skill set that will be valued by management in performance and salary evaluation.  Becoming a Help Desk Certification Professional also provides a career boost, heightening your confidence and motivation.  And, customers, peers, and management will respect your credentials.


In Help Desk Certification training seminar, you will learn innovative methodologies for effective call handling and problem resolution, as well as the fundamentals of help desk structure and procedures.  The class incorporates role playing exercises and significant group interaction with dynamic instruction, enhancing problem-solving skills and improving customer care.


Help Desk Certification provided by many institutions is based on internationally recognized open standards developed by committees of worldwide industry leaders, help desk and support center experts, consultants, and practitioners for the benefit of the support industry. Their open standards committee members who helped develop the standards included representatives from a wide variety of leading organizations including Interim Technology, Executrain, NEXRAD, Pikes Peak Community College, IHS Support Solutions, Help Desk Solutions, Inc., KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Bank of America, TRG, Entex Information Services, Inc., Hyrax, TriPole Corporation, Goldstein & Taylor, User Support Consulting, Branson & Associates, Service Management International, MCI Worldcom, and Help Desk Institute.


Typically, once the Help Desk Certification course is completed, you have four weeks to take your Help Desk Certification exam.  The Help desk Certification consists of two parts: class attendance and a certification exam. The exam covers the help desk practices and processes presented in class and are available on the Web.  Students are given 2-1/2 hours to complete the exam and must achieve 90% accuracy or better to obtain certification.  Should you fail to achieve passing marks; an instructor will review your exams with you and help you plan for success on your next attempt.

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Microsoft Help Desk


Get official Microsoft Help Desk technical support without making a phone call! Microsoft Help Desk-in-a-book makes the rich problem-solving archives of Microsoft’s Product Support Knowledge Base available wherever you need them. Resolve your own questions about using Office 2000 software with clear, step-by-step solutions and workarounds for nearly 800 common problems. Covering the most-used applications of the Office 2000 suite, including Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Outlook®, and FrontPage®, this handy reference can help you:


  • Recover damaged Word documents and text
  • Troubleshoot setup and installation errors
  • Create multiple e-mail accounts on one computer
  • Resolve printer problems
  • Prevent macro viruses from infecting your system
  • Import graphics and movie files into PowerPoint® presentations
  • Wrap images around text
  • Ensure that your dates are Y2K compliant
  • Restrict or monitor access to your Web pages
  • Use lightweight objects to speed database performance


Microsoft Help Desk Operations Framework (MOF) is a collection of best practices, principles, and models designed by Microsoft that addresses the people, processes, and technologies necessary for effectively managing IT environments.


Microsoft Help Desk MOF contains operational guidance in the form of white papers, operating guides, assessment tools, operation kits, best practices, case studies, and supported tools. MOF is one of the three frameworks that form the Enterprise Services (ES) frameworks. Each framework targets a different phase in the IT life cycle. The other two frameworks are Microsoft Readiness Framework (MRF) and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF).


Microsoft Help Desk Software – Professional EDGE: Microsoft Help Desk Software is a key component of their business. Professional EDGE is a leading Value Added Reseller (VAR) and systems integrator for the FrontRange Solutions’ HEAT®, Microsoft’s CRM Customer Support and SalesLogix’s Customer Service product lines. They are certified appropriately to meet your business needs and specialize in customizing databases, screens and business processes.


Microsoft Help Desk Software warrants special attention and an experienced team to provide it. Professional EDGE consultants work with you to clearly identify business requirements, hardware and enabling software and processes prior to any help desk software implementation. Their team will work with you to specify server, network software and other critical requirements to ensure compatibility and performance.


Microsoft Help Desk Software can be molded to meet your needs. Your help desk is unique. It is imperative that you identify the types of support you provide, the call types you anticipate logging, automatic escalations, email integration needs, your workflow and management reporting requirements before purchasing or implementing a solution. Professional EDGE is uniquely qualified to work with you to develop and document these requirements. Moreover, their founders have worked in the help desk field since the late 1970’s.

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