Help desk definition:  

In business, a help desk is a place that a consumer can call to get help with a problem. Help desks can range from one person answering a phone in smaller companies to, in larger companies, a group of topic experts using software to help track and analyze the problem.  Help desk software is most commonly used in a call center.

The newest help desk software is internet based, and can help improve call center productivity drastically.


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Hosting Help Desk


A Hosting Help Desk is an option for companies that require a helpdesk system, yet lack either the server hardware or capital to host the system at their own location. The help desk system is used as an outsourced service, as opposed to an internally functioning tracking system. The Hosting Help Desk system maintains all the same functionality as if it were hosting on the client’s own servers.


Hosting Help Desk by an ASP (Application Service Provider), the help desk is essentially used on a subscription basis, making it more cost effective for most smaller companies.


Support Bank by Applied Innovation Management is a complete hosting help desk ASP service offered as an option for clients considering a hosting alternative to purchasing a help desk system.


The Hosting Help Desk is available 24/7. When you sign up for a hosting account, you will be given access to your own Control Panel. Within your Control Panel every aspect of your features are described in detail on how these various functions operate, and how to set up the different features for your hosting.


In the Control Panel area you will notice at the bottom of the Home Page there is a link named: “Documentation”. Click on the “documentation” link and you will access the help section for creating and changing all aspects of your account. You will be able to get detailed instructions from everything from setting up your email accounts, adding FrontPage extensions (if required), creating auto responders, and any feature that your web site will need to operate fully.


The Help Section in the Control Panel is very thorough and will answer most all questions you might have. In Hosting Help Desk you may encounter some questions like please use this Help Section guide before contacting our Support Department. After reading the Help Section, if you still have a question, contact their Support Department.

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