Help Desk Process


A Help Desk Process provides users with the answers they need for their technical issue. By bringing Help Desk Process to the digital medium and onto computers, finding what you are looking for has never been easier.


Far removed from the high inaccuracy of the pencil and paper Help Desk Process these days, new software provides instant results for searches regarding an issue or problem. Premium Help Desk Process software has gone to the next level… the World Wide Web!


Using a web-based Help Desk Process solves problems with expansion, and usability over large geographic areas. It also allows field techs, or even clients themselves, to retrieve up to the minute information regarding their query. Modern Help Desk Process also provides a tracking system, to actively monitor a certain problem area.


Help Desk Process ticket is the phrase used to describe an electronic document that contains information about a request for assistance from a customer or internal end user. Such a ticket allows a customer service organization to better track and resolve issues such as defective products, software bugs, and the like.  The information on a Help Desk Process ticket is routed and tracked by a helpdesk system as it is dealt with by support staff. The ticket is assigned a unique ID number, so it can easily be followed through the system. Clients appreciate speedy resolution of their technical issues. A Help Desk Process can greatly improve turnaround time by giving support staff the tools they need.


On the leading edge of Help Desk Process technology is the web based software product. A web based Help Desk Process allows businesses to store all data in a centralized database, eliminating the need to constantly re-synch data from separate workstations. Using only a web browser to access, field tech’s can easily access the Help Desk Process from a client’s office and provide assistance without having to call headquarters.  Using a Help Desk Process that embraces internet technology isn’t just for tech support staff. A company can easily set up a web page that allows clients access to the database, so they can fix what’s wrong without having to call your tech staff.


Hints Tips Improve Help Desk Contact Call Centre


Let’s see some useful Hints Tips Improve Help Desk Contact Call Centre. We know technology plays a key role in enabling organizations to enhance customer value, control and reduce costs, meet customer expectations and handle increasing customer contact workloads. Web integration, CTI, CRM, universal queuing, e-mail management, virtual call centers, and skill based routing… these and other developments are changing the customer contact environment forever. There are many training programs, special software packages, and expert services that will unravel the mysteries of call center technologies, and greatly increase your understanding and confidence on Hints Tips Improve Help Desk Contact Call Centre.


Characteristics and Hints Tips Improve Help Desk Contact Call Centre of Individuals working in Help Desk Support can be summarized as below:


  • Requires minimal supervision, must be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Demonstrates an enthusiastic and positive attitude in working with coworkers, management, clients and vendors
  • Maintains proper balance between company and employee interests.
  • Presents a professional image in appearance and manner.
  • Willing to work as necessary to meet workload demands.
  • Punctual and uses company time conscientiously.
  • Acquires/maintains knowledge through reading, education, on-the-job experiences, etc
  • Highly self-motivated and willing to accept ownership of the position.
  • Able to handle a number of tasks simultaneously to meet deadlines, while maintaining standards of quality and conformance to headquarters
  • Displays proper judgment and a sincere and dependable work effort in all areas of responsibility.
  • Must be able to deal with customers, employees and management on a professional level.


Hints Tips Improve Help Desk Contact Call Centre and skills necessary for individuals working in help desk support:


  • A successful candidate will have one to three years experience managing large pc applications, preferably web-based database applications, and preferably a BS degree in a technology field. Excellent communication skills are required. In addition:
  • Knowledge of PC applications, including Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of the Operating Systems involved
  • Administrative, organizational, and communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Professional appearance and manner and a focused team player. Experience in customer service.


Help Desk Mission


Why does your help desk exist? What is your Help Desk Mission statement?  If the first four words out of your mouth aren’t “Our mission statement is…” it’s time for you to get out a pad of paper and a pencil and start scribbling. If you’ve been putting off writing a mission statement for your technical support team, consider it. The first point in Help Desk Mission is that never be shy about your mission: Here’s the best thing about a good mission statement: It justifies your existence. It says to the world, “The paychecks of the people in the help desk are well earned because the people who work there are providing a most valuable service to the company and to its customers, resulting in happier customers and higher profitability for the company.”


The next step in writing Help Desk Mission could be to start with the company mission statement: Does your company have a formal charter or mission statement, either etched in bronze on a plaque in the foyer of company headquarters, or emblazoned on the company’s home page, or both? If so, that’s the place to begin when you’re writing a mission statement for a team. Borrow liberally from the form and language of the company document. It doesn’t hurt anything if the two documents look and sound alike. You’ll want to make sure your goals are aligned with and support the goals in the company mission statement. Of course, if your company has a template for internal documents, use that template for your mission statement.


We know Help Desk Mission varies from company to company and place to place like the original mission statements of any company. The idea behind Help Desk Mission is to list long term and short term objectives and future course of action required. For example the Help Desk Mission may be to assist our ‘internal customers’–our employees–in being able to help the ‘external customer’. This includes providing assistance on computer hardware issues and computer software issues.


The Help Desk will provide a single contact point for all users of our organization direct questions and report problems regarding supported software and hardware. In response, the Help Desk will resolve the issue and attempt to help the user maximize their use of applications or equipment, or distribute the call to the appropriate staff. The Help Desk will assist in the notification of trends and situations to allow our organization’s IT department to maintain high levels of service to the user community. If you haven’t yet written any Help Desk Mission for your company you are missing a lot. Let’s consider one nice Help Desk Mission statement from the help desk of the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley: “Help Desk Mission Statement: The Help Desk is to provide all users (students, faculty, and staff) with a single, helpful, first point of contact with the Instructional Technology department. The Help Desk covers a wide variety of activities including:


  • To provide a helpful and friendly first point of contact for the Instructional Technology Department.
  • To provide basic support for computing, audio/visual, and distance education services.
  • To provide the necessary online forms to request equipment, repairs, and network account changes.
  • To provide online FAQ’s, manuals, and tutorials to empower users to self-troubleshoot.
  • To provide equipment delivery and repair services.
  • To provide media duplication services.