Helpdesk Brochure


There are many Helpdesk Brochure available with these helpdesk companies. With Enterprise Helpdesk Brochure you gain a collaborative framework for effective internal support. Meet the demands of complex environments with fewer staff, speed response time, and deliver self-service tools that reduce costs.


Enterprise Helpdesk Brochure enables you to support your global infrastructure —smoothly and cost-effectively. With a comprehensive, pure internet help desk solution and Enterprise Helpdesk Brochure you can:


  • Automate workflow and escalation processes for increased efficiency.
  • Provide access to configuration, infrastructure, and user information for consistent support across your organization.
  • Integrate CRM Help Desk with Human Resources Management to streamline processes and share employee data.
  • Deliver around-the-clock self-service to internal customers for reduced operating costs.
  • Search knowledge bases for proven solutions and best practices.


Decrease resolution time and streamline problem solving with knowledge management tools and Helpdesk Brochure. Create a centralized repository for fast access to diagnostic information. Use knowledge base tools to enable your help desk staff to respond with accurate, proven solutions. Automate workflow, escalation, and other tasks for further efficiency. Use branch scripting to provide a roadmap of questions and answers for improved and consistent service. A good Helpdesk Brochure suggests us that a Technical helpdesk can provide dynamic tools to solve complex issues—enabling your help desk to meet the growing demand for service with minimal resources.


Using Helpdesk Brochure and training integrate for increased efficiency automatically populates employee profile information such as name, telephone, email, and department for efficient internal support. Helpdesk Brochure also enables you to link information from your human capital system. You can also integrate key business applications to capture and track contact information, support activities, and installed products. Use this information to monitor response time, identify employees in need of training, or evaluate the performance of individual team members. Keep your internal support staffs informed through automatically scheduled updates using Helpdesk Brochure!

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Star Helpdesk


Star Helpdesk offers a professional helpdesk for various applications. Support can be offered on a fixed price basis or they charge an amount per unit of 10 minutes. For questions that require more time or a personal visit, Star Helpdesk consultants will be able to assist you.


Star Helpdesk support calls can be handled on the following subjects:

  • Manus
  • CAS
  • Microsoft Office products
  • Unit 4 products
  • Grote Beer Products
  • Backup systems
  • Anti-virus solutions



Let’s discuss Tree Star Helpdesk and their other services. As you will see in the following pages, Tree Star International offers a wide range of products. With their team of skilled employees they are able to advise and assist you in your choice for the right solution. The following paragraphs show a mix of their own software products, of standard software products and of major parties in operating systems.


Among the products you will find solutions for accounting, man-hour registration, links to payment systems and training institutes of Tree Star Helpdesk.


Tree Star Helpdesk Manus:  Tree Star Helpdesk Manus is a software product especially designed for man-hour registration in non-production branches, such as shops, stores, hotels and warehouses. All these branches suffer from calculation on the worked hours to meet the government requirements on overtime, non-standard work hours and for example the payment of ill employees.


Tree Star Helpdesk Exact Software: Tree Star Helpdesk Manus Exact Compact is an administrative software tool for small companies. The software includes financial administration, debtor and creditor management, allows you to create invoices and even offers management information.  Needless to point out that Tree Star Helpdesk is able to alter all solutions in such a way, that they fit your organization like a glove.

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Help Desk Institute


Help Desk Institute is an organization aimed at serving the help desk industry and support professionals with certification, training and information about trends and tools. Along with Help Desk and Call Center Certification training, Help Desk Institute also offers professional development seminars for computer support and training professionals.


These seminars address core competencies for Help Desk, Support Center, Contact Center, Call Center and Computer TrainingCenter professionals. Offerings include Help Desk Certification training, e-Support Strategies and Alternative Support Methods, Effective Leadership Skills , Service Level Management , IT Director seminars , Computer Troubleshooting Skills , e-Support Strategies , as well as customized Customer Service Skills, Advanced Customer Service Skills, Problem-Solving Techniques, and Presentation Skills for Computer Trainers.


Help Desk Institute expert consultants analyze your current support strategies and processes, streamline those processes, increase efficiencies, improve morale, retool your staff for greater proficiencies, recommend tools for lowered TCO and greater ROI, or reengineer your entire support process. Help Desk Institute also has various packages for trainees. They are various Help Desk Institute providing support and information about call center.


Help Desk Institute invites members of the media and analyst community to receive complimentary access to Help Desk Institute member-only Web site areas, which includes:


  • The Support Industry Practices Survey
  • Support Industry Salary Survey
  • Focus Books
  • White Papers
  • The HDI Help Desk Handbook
  • HDI Online Community Forums



Help Desk Institute also provides other valuable industry resources and publications that will assist you with your research and story development.