Help Desk help Services for Quick and result-driven Computer Support

Any business that sincerely desires their large-scale-business to move discrete and worldwide needs to have-got result-driven help-desk help services. These help-desk help services should be component of its business operation. Such services are capable of joining both the customers and members of the organization towards greater results. Thus they can convey the business to higher levels.

Why you urgently-request a help-desk support?

Help desk help is simply an significant assistance that provides pertaining-to-a-base-or-basis assistance for customers who urgently-request help. The help-desk help services are mostly used in computer help companies.

These services also propose-to-pay troubleshooting computer, internet and communication-system-with-a-group-of-broadcasting-stations problems. The help-desk help services are needed in providing the best and quick computer tech help as deep-hole-with-or-gas as moral-excellence patron service. Every business that wants to acquire more customers needs to furnish help-desk help services in edict to gain-with-effort better results.

What are the types of help-desk support?

There are two types of help-desk support: the in-house type and the external version. The in-house help-desk help is tailored to furnish enough help to employees working in the company. This help assistance ensures result-driven something-communicated-between-people between the orientation and the employees working in the company. The 21916-of-a-minute one is the external help-desk support. It is meant to propose-to-pay degree-of-excellence and quick computer help to customers. correct patron contentment is usually guaranteed through their help-desk help services.

HelpVirtualDeskSupport degree-of-excellence help-desk help services are meant to help the business in running its operations deep-hole-with-or-gas especially when it comes to suitable patron satisfaction. They have-got the best help-desk help services today!

Being the best help-desk help provider they create sure that:

Customers are properly attended to when they brief-social-visit through the phone or online.

They can handle all kinds of communication-system-with-a-group-of-broadcasting-stations and computer problems.

They furnish quick and result-driven technical services for your computer problems.

HelpVirtualDeskSupport help-desk help services are always obtainable 24/7 anywhere you may be located. You can acquire instant computer help from their virtual help-desk support!

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Freeware Helpdesk


Freeware Helpdesk are programs which are free to use and do not require a payment to the Author.  At time of writing, a small percentage of these titles include some kind of advertising banner placed there by the Author or developer enabling them to gain a little revenue for their hard work.  These programs (sometimes known as Bannerware or Adware) are also free to use.  However, should you prefer not to see advertising banners, you can usually upgrade to a version without banners for a nominal fee.  This advertiser supported form of freeware would appear to be on the increase, but we feel it’s a small price to pay for sometimes very good quality software. There are many resources on the net from where you can get these Freeware Helpdesk. For example many software titles available for download at 5 Star are licensed as “Freeware”.  You can download these Freeware Helpdesk softwares for free initially and if you are satisfied with them you can get it upgraded for a very nominal fee.


Now you might be seeking answers for some common questions like what about viruses in Freeware Helpdesk software? The Freeware Helpdesk industry has an excellent track record providing products that have been checked thoroughly for viruses.  Freeware Helpdesk authors, bulletin board and on-line service operators, as well as disk vendors, carefully scan programs for viruses before offering them to consumers; so, a Shareware program will often have more checks made on it than regular commercial software.  Also, the compressed formats used to transmit most Freeware Helpdesk programs tends to offer additional protection because each compressed file comes with its own safety checksum to detect tampering.  And as if this wasn’t enough, the company who has listed them will run the software through their own state of the art virus checking software before listing it for download as Freeware Helpdesk software.


Let’s discuss one Freeware Helpdesk at IT Pro Downloads. It is HelpSTAR Quick Evaluation Edition which enables you to determine in minutes whether HelpSTAR has the potential to solve your help desk challenges. This Freeware Helpdesk comes preloaded with sample data (or lets you create your own) so you experience first hand how it can provide tangible improvements in response time, end user self help, first call resolution, and cost-justification of staff and equipment. As you know most of these Freeware Helpdesk are with limited features and time duration, so if you are looking seriously for some nice Helpdesk Software then other HelpSTAR editions:


MS Access (Jet): This version uses Microsoft Access 2000 as its database. It is the simplest and easiest to install. The database engine is distributed free of charge and is included with this installation. Pricing for this version start at $2495 for 2 seats (unlimited end users / audited workstations). Since this is a file-based database, we recommend a maximum license of 10 seats for this edition.


MSDE: This version uses Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), a client / server database engine. MSDE is based on SQL Server technology, and supports a large transaction rate. MSDE (the database component) is distributed free of charge and is included with this installation. If required, the transition from MSDE to SQL is very straightforward.


MS SQL: This version uses Microsoft SQL as the database server. It requires a license from Microsoft (for the database engine component). This database supports a large transaction rate, and large amounts of data. Sites that are already using MS SQL Server may wish to evaluate this version. 

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