Helpdesk CRM Software


With more than two million users worldwide, including one hundred Fortune 500 companies, Applied Innovation Management provides the industry, government, and organizations with 100% web based IT tracking and Customer Relation Management help desk software solutions. This company is industry leader in 100% web-based Helpdesk CRM Software and other CRM solutions.


HelpDesk Expert for Customer Service (HDECS) is a 100% web-based Helpdesk CRM Software system designed to allow you to provide your customers with a 24 hour customer support solution. HDECS is easily installed on any standard web server, is compatible with all ODBC compliant databases, and can be accessed by any internet or intranet enabled platform – regardless of OS – from anywhere in the world.


Features/Highlights of Helpdesk CRM Software system:


  • Extensive Charts and Reports
  • Flexible Workflow
  • Whiteboard
  • File Attachments


Customizable Features of Helpdesk CRM Software system:


  • Customizable GUI
  • Email Notifications
  • Routing Rules
  • Field Dependencies


Technology of Helpdesk CRM Software system:


  • 100% Web-Based
  • ODBC Relational Databases
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • MS, Linux, Solaris Servers


HDECS Helpdesk CRM Software system integrates with a host of widely used software applications for seamless introduction into your day-to-day operations for maximum efficiency.

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Helpdesk Procedures


Helpdesk Procedures provide users with the answers they need for their technical issue. By bringing Helpdesk Procedures to the digital medium and onto computers, finding what you are looking for has never been easier than it is today due to advancement of technology and science. Far removed from the high inaccuracy of the pencil and paper Helpdesk Procedures, these days, new software provides instant results for searches regarding an issue or problem. Premium Helpdesk Procedures software has gone to the next level… the World Wide Web.


Web-based Helpdesk Procedures solve problems with expansion, and usability over large geographic areas. It also allows field techs, or even clients themselves, to retrieve up to the minute information regarding their query. Modern Helpdesk Procedures also provide a tracking system, to actively monitor a certain problem area.


Helpdesk Procedures ticket is the phrase used to describe an electronic document that contains information about a request for assistance from a customer or internal end user. Such a ticket allows a customer service organization to better track and resolve issues such as defective products, software bugs, and the like.


 The information on a Helpdesk Procedures ticket is routed and tracked by a helpdesk system as it is dealt with by support staff. The ticket is assigned a unique ID number, so it can easily be followed through the system. Clients appreciate speedy resolution of their technical issues; Helpdesk Procedures can greatly improve turnaround time by giving support staff the tools they need.


On the leading edge of Helpdesk Procedures technology is the web based software product. Web based Helpdesk Procedures allow businesses to store all data in a centralized database, eliminating the need to constantly re-synch data from separate workstations. Using only a web browser to access, field tech’s can easily access the Helpdesk Procedures from a client’s office and provide assistance without having to call headquarters.  Using Helpdesk Procedures that embrace internet technology aren’t just for tech support staff. A company can easily set up a web page that allows clients access to the database, so they can fix what’s wrong without having to call your tech staff using these Helpdesk Procedures.

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Helpdesk Software


Helpdesk Software is best described as a software system designed to accept a request from an end user, and process it in the form of a numbered ticket to be handled by an appropriate staff member – i.e., to render ‘help’. The solution presented for the request is then saved as part of database, which can be searched or edited.


The database created by the Helpdesk Software over time creates an endless pool of knowledge from which to find answers to duplicate or similar requests in the future.


 Helpdesk Software can be set up to be used internally, where support staff can track inter-office queries, or externally, where the system can be set up to render assistance to outside parties such as website customers. AIM offers Helpdesk Software systems specifically tailored for both uses.


A helpdesk evaluation is the process of trying out a Helpdesk Software system to determine whether or not it fulfills the requirements of the prospective user, prior to purchase.


A Helpdesk Software program is a computer application that allows an organization’s technical support staff, end users and customers to address product – and services related issues via PCs. Typically, the help desk program itself runs on a central server, with customers, internal end users and support staff accessing the help desk via a client-based software program.


 In today’s business environment, the client component of choice has become a standard Web browser, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or the Netscape browser. This web-based approach to a helpdesk software program eliminates installing proprietary software on end-user each PC, a time-consuming and often expensive task.


A web based Helpdesk Software is a help desk system configured to be accessed via the internet through a standard web browser. The advantage to such a system is the obvious accessibility options it provides in allowing users to submit tickets or track ticket status from virtually anywhere.

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