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Supporting your employee’s IT support needs can be one of the most difficult issues facing companies today. An employee with a down system or software related questions costs you money. By working with a focused, IT company like The Answer Group Help Desk you can concentrate on your core business and have us support your users, or your existing help desk, using best-of-class practices.


The Answer Group Help Desk has a structured approach to managing customer support that ensures that your employees get help fast in a cost effective manner. Ask yourself the following questions:



  • Do your employees have one number to call for support?
  • Are their problems worked on based on first in-first out or by impact to the employee and your organization?
  • Do you know what percentages of issues are closed at first point of contact?
  • Are you measuring the productivity of your support staff?
  • The Answer Group Help Desk proven methodology helps you to answer these questions as well as many more.


Unlike The Answer Group Help Desk industry experts estimate the cost of resolving an issue on the phone at $14-18 dollars per incident. Sending someone to the Help Desk costs upwards of $75- 90 per incident, so reengineering your employee’s support structure can produce ROI paybacks measured in months as well as delivering a higher level of support. Customers like Parker Hannifin, Cymer Laser and The Port of San Diego depend on The Answer Group Help Desk to provide support services – so should you?


Are you running a support center now? Is it providing the level of service that you and your customer expect? Let The Answer Group Help Desk use their proven methodologies to examine and report on the current health of your support center. The Answer Group Help Desk will use its years of real world experience in managing support centers to measure your support center and provide a list of specific recommendations to implement. Their recommendations will decrease you and your support center staff’s frustration as well as increase your end customer’s satisfaction.


While every support centers goal should be to resolve as many issues as possible at first point of contact, there are times that you need to send someone to the Help Desk possibly to replace broken hardware or reload software. The Answer Group Help Desk has a number of engagements that provide on-site support technicians. Remove the headache of recruiting, training and retaining qualified technical staff. Depending on your needs, The Answer Group Help Desk can provide only an on-site technician or combined with their call center services, you can have a centralized call center dispatching to The Answer Group Help Desk technicians at your site. The Answer Group Help Desk can also dispatch to remote offices using their nation-wide network of service providers.


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