Watch how fast you’ll streamline and automate your internal and external support operations with a web based help desk. You’ll reduce support costs, speed customer problem resolution, improve workflow, and deliver worldwide support 24/7.

With a web based help desk, you’ll centrally manage tracking for all customer problems and requests worldwide, build and access searchable solutions knowledge bases, automate support tasks, provide online self-help, manage email, dynamically access LDAP-based corporate directories, automate IT asset discovery and tracking, improve agent workflow, automate configuration management, build group collaboration, use live esupport to solve issues faster, and keep a pulse on agent productivity, trends, and SLA compliance. A web based help desk typically runs on Windows 2003/2000/NT, Unix, and Linux web servers, as well as many popular databases and browsers. Web based help desk software is installed at your site on your server. Optional hosting services are generally available.

This flexible and high quality web-based service desk will have a ripple effect throughout your organization, delivering measurable benefits beyond the help desk or support group.


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